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  1. This means the total number of VPPs earned over the last 7 days? If so I don't think spread limiting actually increases your equity, I may be missing something though.
  2. Is that relative to the number of VPPs you've earned at that limit?
  3. Yeah sped up way earlier and more than I thought. Closer to 8pm/3pm EST now. Games are very reggy already :/
  4. Yep, 60 billionth. I haven't really left. Gonna guess 9:06pm* UK time which is 4:06pm EST, pretty much at peak traffic time. *edited guess
  5. I remember railing the weekly HU match on stars between Tom McEvoy and the TLB winner back in 05/06. I almost bought his book with FPPs at one point. Probably wise not to.
  6. slackerinc rrumsey justlikenegs kobe2odom8 tbrick412 tehote rcgs59 lurbz ko8e34 thephoenix88 honourable mention: fargopokernd
  7. It should almost always be a large part of your decision at a final table of an MTT. On SnG bubbles its an even bigger factor.
  8. Edited the screenshot too. This should reflect reality.
  9. Looks really close but probably a shove. As well as the 2 short stacks, the disparity between you and the next largest stack might make this a close fold, hard to tell for sure without an ICM calculator.
  10. Tend to play fairly early in the day these days. Get most of my grinding done in the week, missed a lot of Sundays in the last few months.
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