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  1. I feel like this got passed over, for the too easy sexy gifs... as sexy as they are... can we revisit this so I can ask.. WTF is that?!?!?! It looks like a cat dressed as a gnome?
  2. I'm saying the it's the final turn of a 400m race... which noone runs at full speed. and that soccer photo illusion thing is amazing if it's real.
  3. Shit... I don't even watch South Park... I mean I've watched it but I've definitely never seen that... When I was in design school, I thought I had a great design for a building design and my prof showed me some building in Sweden that was unbelievably similar... then he said "what, you didn't think you were capable of an original idea did you?" and laughed... shit...
  4. Your entire first post was trying to give odds to explain how your decision making is mathematically sound. Probably not good to mix the two. Also the range of 88-22 that you offered suggests that 9's and 10's are significantly different than OP's 6's in this situation. You are considering the game from your own perspective... it is time for you to move to level two... I have 4 bet preflop, my oppenent by flat calling is either setting a trap with AA or KK, or is scared that I have the hand that I am repping... I absorb as much info from the opponents decision making in flat c
  5. The odds of flopping a set or better is 11.75% not 1 out of 11 times. While the quick internet answer is no, mainly because: 1. The odds on set against the depth of his stack not quite laying enough. 2. The door is still open behind you for the initial raiser and a caller. The real answer is that it depends on the game texture. In some games there are spots where I like a flat call here... only if I think the chances are high of it being an anchor situation. In most cases games are better than this and calling 80 should be the wrong play. There are also games (or spots) where I think
  6. I'm liking the categories of infomercial gifs... so much so that I came up with an invention yesterday morning while I was in the shower... in the shower laughing about the shower handle... My invention is a workout timer for the shake weight... you put the timer on the top of the shake weight, and it counts each shake of the weight... once the counter reaches the set number of shakes, it beeps and rewards you at the end of your workout by ejecting hand lotion onto you... anyways... thought I would share my invention idea, I was laughing about taking it on shark tank. Crackin an egg's
  7. The photographers running on the inside track is great!
  8. I think I already won... and by your logic because I started with I think and have ensured that I am not wrong, I'm right... so I already won... gg. am I wrong? no, you're not wrong. am I wrong? you're not wrong Walter, you're just an a**hole! Ok then.
  9. I have a fear of commitment... I mean... I think I have a fear of commitment...
  10. I agree with dadonk. The line you take makes your hand read insanely strong. You'd be much better with either leading the flop or flatting the turn... Also when you describe your play: "thinking before calling", and "I think for about 30 seconds and look at him and move all in." I can't help but think you are hollywooding and giving off a ton of information for free. Two very basic tells that would line up with what you describe in your acting job to read as strength. 1. When a player takes time before acting he is generally trying to figure out how to get value for his made hand. A
  11. I think then that a lot of people will still choose royal flushes and vary the suits to avoid being exploited by the SB?
  12. I think you didn't explain it well enough. Do suits play as strength? and do they count in a match situation? I can beat you
  13. This is exactly what you should be thinking when you call his min raise preflop. As Donk4 said "you're getting reverse implied odds to call"... so by calling his min raise you are committing to calling pretty much every flop shove blind. The bad call here isn't your post flop call, it's your preflop call. You should be very aware that a K is unlikely to be an out... (notice I didn't count it in my previous post). This is a brag post, and I recommend you talk less about your style and focus more on what some very good poker players are offering for input on your original post. If y
  14. I'm seeing 9 outs (not 18?) so I'm going with that (plus 1% added for the backdoor straight)... Yes you call for 110 and hope SB doesn't shove (depends on house rules whether half raise opens the door)... 110 to win 427 with 2 cards to come. I don't mind your 3 bet preflop as a semibluff pre to take control (not every hand but occasionally is fine), but I don't like your call of his 65 because he only has 110 behind... the bet sizing wreaks of strength (betting ~37% of his stack) so I just give him the pot... 4 bet is usually strong at that level and it's usually best to just respect that
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