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  1. Yeah storm but the flop comes k 6 3 with 2 diamonds and everybody start betting and reraising. So kinda regret not calling it preflop.
  2. I am just wondering if i should call this. I was dealt 6 6 in bb in the 5 5 cash game. Utg+1 raise to 20. Mid position call and dealer pops it to 80. Sb folds. Dealer has around 600. Utg and mid has around 800. I cover all of them i have 900.
  3. Bad hollywood act lol. But i usually takes 10 second before making decision so yeah. I guess i wont do it again 0.0
  4. I check the flop cause i m 90 percent sures he ll bet the flop. I think i should c c until turns and make a donk bet on the river maybe like 50 maybe he ll jam the river. Or I should bet the flop and check the turn
  5. Okay guys here is the update from grand casino in switzerland. I m typing from my android so bear with me. I ll try to make this readable and simple. I got busted in the bounty tournament. I ve q 9 suited while villain has q 8 has caught 2 pair on river. Ouchh. Here is something from the cash game 5 5. Villain has been betting the flop a lot and limp calling the raise. I ve a feeling he is betting on any pair bottom mid or top pair. And he has caught me bluffing with a busted flush draw. So my image would be lag or a donky fish. Lol. He sit just on my left so kinda hard for me to ve po
  6. I guess i should listen to you more since u played longer than me. I am going to switzerland casino tomorrow and i ll update you guys some intresting hand. Ciao
  7. Yes stormdeal i am not offended by ur post. And u are right we are here to learn. I think that any suited connector hand is good plus if have position so yeah. I m trying to scare them away preflop. If they did call still my hand wasnt that bad to begin with. I always play tight in utg utg+1 or mid position and play loose if ive have hijack position or dealer.
  8. Not trying to brag there gadjet. I am just thinking of telling my type of style for my table image.
  9. Btw stormdeal i m not trying to push people around with chips. It doesnt work that way in cash game. In a tournament yes u can be a big bully if you ve lot of chips.
  10. Lol. Yeah. But a k high flush draw its like a coin flip with 3 people. Its a 33 percent. so i figure lets do it. And chasing a draw is so straightforward. When i am so deep stacked i prefer to have a drawing hand with a deepstacked villain.Anyway thanks for the input guys its really helpful. =)
  11. I know i shouldnt 3bet k 10 suited. When i look back at my play. I kinda thinking i can minimize my losses by slowing it down. Thanks for the reminder. Trying to be too creative cost me 200 bucks.
  12. Btw i am Lag player. So my play is kinda messy bit i know what i am doing who to bluff and what kind of bluff works to what kind of player. I do pay attention on the showdown cards etc. I try being a tag player but doesnt suit me. You know live game is a lot easier than online. I think 0.05 0.1 blind player is alot better than 1 -2 live game poker. I m not trying to boast or anything but i just felt that way. I have seen utg move all in for 50 bucks with 5 2 suited. He lost and reload after all. Live poker plauers are that crazy yes.
  13. This is what i see guys. Correct me if i m wrong. Sb is going to move all in anyway for sure. I kinda thought the call is standard. And he only min raise me preflop i should call preflop and the fact that i have position makes me want to call more. So when the flop gives me a k high flush draw makes me cant fold this hand. Runner runner straight is possible but unlikely. I was also thinking i might spike a king on the turn or river to win the pot. The utg is a fish station and abit crazy. Sb is a tight ass. I figure i am up by 200 plus and its worth a shot. 33 percent win is not bat and the fa
  14. Okay this happen to me when i was in mid position playing live games at paris france.Blind was 2-2. The table was loose a lot of limpers like to call with suited connector and protect their blind when you raise to 14 to 16. i was dealt k 10 of hearts in mid position. Utg pops it to 10. Utg 1 call. I reraise it to 32. Fold to sb who calls. Utg re raise to 65 i think for a while and cal. Sb calls too. Flop was Qh 8h 2d sb bets 70(he has around 100 behind now) Utg is all in for 110 I cover both of them in chip stacks. I ve about 500 behind. I know my odds will be around 33percent to win t
  15. Well he flips aq for the nuts straight. I ve been running bad this weeek. Losta few coin flip situation. My K high flush get killed. O well thats poker. Still trying to improve on handling tilt
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