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  1. I believe that it's because now that he is the woman in the relationship, he has begun to have his monthly cycle, leaving him moody and irritable.
  2. yeah I agree. hank can give you some numbers.
  3. I always leave the normal porn I watch in my history so just in case somebody happens to see it they think that's all there is
  4. suited, while I agree that napa's redbull consumption was excessive, you have to realize that most people's bodies are not composed entirely of vaginal tissue like yours.
  5. all of my socks are asymmetrical when I put them on
  6. I got a couple different left hands yesterday: 400 pound monkey english ipa and the sawtooth ale. drank 3 of the ipas and I'm saving the sawtooth for when I go camping soon. that's probably my favorite beer right now. left hand makes some damn good stuff. OH. and apparently sierra nevada and dogfish head collaborated to make some special ipa. got a bottle of that. shit was like 15 bucks for a damn champagne bottle size so it better be freaking good.
  7. why don't they make the whole plane out of the black box stuff?!
  8. but is it really nice to get a straight answer?
  9. but yeah, you're assuming that the 2 inches on my road is ubiquitous but I'm actually in town and we've had our roads plowed several times today. the backroads here and even many of the neighborhoods in the city where my work is haven't been plowed yet. lots and lots of road mileage with not all that many plows. but I'll be driving to the grocery store in the morning for pot roast supplies don't you worry.
  10. well 10 inches but I know math isn't your strong suit
  11. you know, I'd like to get out right now. but there's about 2 inches of snow on the road with about an inch of ice underneath. think there's a good amount of sleet on top of all of that too so yeah, I'm just gonna sit right here. eating crackers and deer jerkey, drinking pale ales, and watching survivorman. I mean I think I'm doing ok. oh and if I didn't mention, work was closed today and it's closed again tomorrow. monday's a holiday so FIVE DAY WEEKEND BITCHES.
  12. hooooooly fuck that was awful I mean I guess I'm one of the few people that thought this last season was one of the better ones of the series. especially the first couple of episodes. hell even this finale was pretty good until the last 15 minutes. then that last 15 minutes managed to turn the entire series into the worst piece of shit in the entire history of television. I mean, jesus fucking christ. at least I laughed a lot I guess.
  13. you're damn right it is. I helped a buddy cut up a huge pine he cut in his front yard yesterday. probably 4 feet in diameter at the bottom. took a log splitter about 10 hits to get one round busted up. then I'd split those pieces. got a whole truckload for myself. gonna burn that shit like a mufucka.
  14. so, this cold weather huh! I just bought a kerosene heater today. perfect timing too since it's supposed to be 1 freaking degree tomorrow night. my baseboard heat wouldn't even touch that kind of cold. for you people out there where it's getting like -30 and stuff, how do you heat your house at those temperatures? can't be electric can it?
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