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  1. no problem hope that helps ur br as much as it does mine lol...cash games are the devil sometimes
  2. finished 5th for 132 if anyone who didn't rail wanted to know
  3. hes 5/5 at break with just over 100k with the avg. at 500k
  4. like when ur in a live tourny and ur watchin from behind the rope they call it the rail...same type of deal in online
  5. always nice to throw a stake out for the first time in a long time and have him FT lol
  6. down to 8 sitting 7/8 Jbizzle333 is the sn on ps
  7. nice just got home thats what i like to hear
  8. k well i gotta go to hockey so i guess govikes is the only one getting one hopefully u run deep and i can come back to a win
  9. i would stake u but i dont usually stake people brand new to the forum until they have some type of rep and know they can be trusted sorry
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