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  1. Saw Randy sent me a congrats on Twitter, thought I'd check in and see who's still alive. Pretty cool to win a tourney after not playing poker for 14 months, at least I'll be debt free going into PT school. Hope everybody is doing welledit: got scared earlier. When did this place turn into a ghost town btw?
  2. Later dudes. F you in your As, don't wear a C, and J all over your Bs.
  3. Oh man, I finally won something, unfortunately I have a fairly deep voice I think. At least I didn't win smelliest bowel movement.
  4. http://www.cracked.com/article/103_11-obno...football-draft/
  5. niceness edit: this is so ridiculously out of line and retarded
  6. The QJo hand hu is probably not good, I made a sketchy turn barrell vs. stammdogg that he flatted adn open shoved the river, made a v bet with 2nd pair on a 4 straight board that got called by top pair. Nothing too horrendous but I was a little sloppy in general, not quite as good as I should be.
  7. Ya made more bad plays than i think i usually do at Ft's, i've been up since early morning, first day of semester straight to grinding. That and I had a 3 second timebank the entire FT so i had to make a ton of decisions really quickly and it was stressful. 2nd in the turbo 50r big antes for 3.4k, two 1k seats, a 500 wcoop seat, and winning the stars 100k isn't such a bad day
  8. i had no idea it was run them over
  9. I won't hype this college humor video strategy style and it's really old but it's still my favorite: . However, if you only watch one college humor video this year, let it be this one.
  10. Jeez, that's a hard poker story to follow so I'll keep it short. Zimmer and I FT'ed the Turningstone $750 today, he got 5th for 6832 I think and I got 3rd for 13451. Pretty fun to play with friends and he played goot.
  11. Speedz: I saw a man walking a cat today and I thought of your cats, who walks cats?
  12. I didn't know your brother posted on fcp
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