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  1. Saw Randy sent me a congrats on Twitter, thought I'd check in and see who's still alive. Pretty cool to win a tourney after not playing poker for 14 months, at least I'll be debt free going into PT school. Hope everybody is doing welledit: got scared earlier. When did this place turn into a ghost town btw?
  2. Later dudes. F you in your As, don't wear a C, and J all over your Bs.
  3. Oh man, I finally won something, unfortunately I have a fairly deep voice I think. At least I didn't win smelliest bowel movement.
  4. http://www.cracked.com/article/103_11-obno...football-draft/
  5. niceness edit: this is so ridiculously out of line and retarded
  6. The QJo hand hu is probably not good, I made a sketchy turn barrell vs. stammdogg that he flatted adn open shoved the river, made a v bet with 2nd pair on a 4 straight board that got called by top pair. Nothing too horrendous but I was a little sloppy in general, not quite as good as I should be.
  7. Ya made more bad plays than i think i usually do at Ft's, i've been up since early morning, first day of semester straight to grinding. That and I had a 3 second timebank the entire FT so i had to make a ton of decisions really quickly and it was stressful. 2nd in the turbo 50r big antes for 3.4k, two 1k seats, a 500 wcoop seat, and winning the stars 100k isn't such a bad day
  8. i had no idea it was run them over
  9. I won't hype this college humor video strategy style and it's really old but it's still my favorite: . However, if you only watch one college humor video this year, let it be this one.
  10. Jeez, that's a hard poker story to follow so I'll keep it short. Zimmer and I FT'ed the Turningstone $750 today, he got 5th for 6832 I think and I got 3rd for 13451. Pretty fun to play with friends and he played goot.
  11. Speedz: I saw a man walking a cat today and I thought of your cats, who walks cats?
  12. I didn't know your brother posted on fcp
  13. It was alright, I mean I was more pissed off that I couldn't stop it from happening than I was in pain. Face is kind of sore today and I have some bruises and stuff but ya, mostly annoyed about not having good defense.
  14. I've done a fair amount of traveling with people to poker events and the like over the past 3 years so even though all these people have surpassed me by a wide margin I'm still friends with a lot of people in the tourney world. Plus when you're stuck in the middle of nowhere in a dry casino, everybody tends to want to hang out and do something fun.
  15. Muay thai today. It turns out that when people punch you in the face and kick you in the stomach, it hurts. Strange I know.
  16. Last time we played wiffleball and it was amazing. I've probably used something similar to describe a group of poker players before but, on the field there was probably literally more than like 8m in poker profit spread between the players, just a bunch of the more famous internet tourney pros (i know nobody knows them or cares, but I thought it should be included). Then there was me who is very very not good at poker and who hasn't made money from poker in a lonnnnnnng time. That being said, I walked away with a hilarious boost of self-confidence. Amongst this group of poker elite, we had one
  17. I have two weeks coming up off from school, and part of the reason I decided to spend one of them in a casino in ass****, NY is because usually the poker players who show up get a game of kickball going. Wiffleball is also tentatively scheduled. I don't know. I don't know if we'll have enough time..
  18. The one on the right reminds me of a cat we used to have. He was actually my brother's cat but when my brother came back home from school we got to keep him for a few years. Not long after he started living with us we got a weiner dog puppy, and they used to just play in the hilarious way that cats/dogs usually do. The weiner dog would get all excited and freak out wanting to play and the cat would just lay there annoyed occasionally getting up to put a whooping on the puppy (pretty huge cat), but he was just so awesomely mellow. Never whined, just an eerily quiet cat that seemed fine handling
  19. ya it's the hck, i mean the pants are too big but when i tie them they seem fine? i'll prob just try to shrink it a bit
  20. I got my gi in the mail today, Bob sapp came over today to borrow it, says it fits perfect
  21. God, how on earth could you stand the apartment job dude? I'd lose my mind if somebody did something so outrageously stupid. Please tell me that you are charging that guy for the price of the exterminator etc?
  22. Get both of them, you can hold off as long as you please, but it's clear you're en route to becoming the crazy cat guy. Just embrace it.
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