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  1. CHARDER30 OG FCPER!!!disagree that flop is whatever, just typed up something long but accidentally deleted it :/But basically, I think that raise calling flop has a lot of merit because he is raising so ridiculously wide preflop, it is very rare that we are going to get it in crushed when we check raise call. Raising lets us take the pot down a lot right away and let's us win stacks versus his Kx hands we beat when turn/river is a diamond, and lets us win stacks versus his diamond draws that brick. Calling lets ike play turns and rivers absurdly well verus our hand on this boardcalling, 3b/f,
  2. Lol, I go to you privately and you for a second time take this to the internet. You just dont get it do you?edit: and my "never liked you" sentence. Pretty justifiable stuff for that just dont wanna say it on a public forum!!
  3. waiting list handled extremely poorly. They emailed me at noon saying I need to respond by 1 to confirm my seat. I obviously didnt see it in time. A phone call or something besides an hour window to see the email would have been great
  4. mbn being in the BSO. definitely tried registering when it was still open and they wouldnt let me in
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