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  1. I have an RBC account I am going to use that. My only other question is can i access moneybookers from an american IP address, and withdraw money to my RBC account while im in the states? Unsure how it all works and i feel paranoid asking but dont want to mess anything up. thanks
  2. Just opened a moneybookers account. had some questions if anyone could give me some insight...I have withdrawn money from stars and it is now in my moneybookers. I want to obviously withdraw that money to one of my bank accounts. Am i able to set it up to go to my US account? or do i have to send it to my canadian account and take the money out then? thanks for any help
  3. im cool with that. my numbers compared to his this year embarass him. id be more than willing to crossbook him
  4. my buddy was playing the USA COOP the other night. $320 buyin 20mins levels 10k starting stack. My buddy played it at my house. his ABI is about $6. he rarely plays anymore and an interesting hand came up in this tournament against NNB.i dont have the HH, but if i recall correctly, my boy was in the sb with AKs. He had about 19-21bbs, and NNB opened from EP. My boy shipped pre, and NNB tank called with A10o. I assume any mtt player will agree that this is never a solid call. (ill try to find the exact HH) The actual hand itself is irrelevant. I didnt grind tuesday night, i decided to d
  5. just busted 17th in the $700 PCA satty. 16 got seats.
  6. i use a desktop not a laptop and have two 22" monitors. usually on sundays i can get up to 16ish but recently have been regging thin
  7. ill crossbook anyone that wants to run a tourney schedule on any day. we run the same exact tournies, most $$ won wins prop bet. PM me
  8. souls.PokerStars Game #51254365502: Tournament #335010577, $50+$5 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level VII (50/100) - 2010/10/17 16:46:49 ETTable '335010577 286' 9-max Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: Lionet (3202 in chips) Seat 2: LXZ61(embi) (3795 in chips) Seat 3: JustLikeGus (6918 in chips) Seat 4: AJacejackAJ (6027 in chips) Seat 5: danloulou (4939 in chips) Seat 6: psufan2828 (8988 in chips) Seat 8: Magali26 (2915 in chips) Seat 9: VoIz3 (3936 in chips) Lionet: posts the ante 10LXZ61(embi): posts the ante 10JustLikeGus: posts the ante 10AJacejackAJ: posts the ante 10danloulou: posts the ante 10psufa
  9. no.if the button had the nuts then it would be a problem. BB would be given warning for saying what he did about checking down but not a dead hand.
  10. fyp....not that theres anything wrong with that!
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