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  1. Welcome back. Also coming back to the poker world after a nice break. If you are going to play hyper turbos, might I recommend the Jackpot SNGs on Ignition. Lot of value if you like hyper turbo SNGs. I don't have charts or anything, but I love them. Good luck!
  2. Hope all are well! Getting back into poker. Figured come see who I remember here! Hopefully all are well!
  3. If it's to me, I won't get offended. I know I am terribad at fantasy, so if you'd rather explain why I am bad and maybe give some advice, you could always go that way since I have nothing to play for anymore.
  4. Well let's break it down shall we... AP is averaging 19.43 Fantasy Points per game. Fred Jackson is averaging 14.79 FPPG. Difference of 4.64 FPPGs. My average WR the last three weeks have been getting me basically 13 FPPG. Mike Wallace has potential in next few games to get multi-TD games. Rashad Jennings is my #2 RB, and he's been improving as of late, but he's got half decent defenses coming up in the next game, where as Andre Brown has considerably weaker defenses left. I guess trying to make a 4.64 FPPG difference in two players vs just having AP and rest of the team struggling i
  5. So basically, because I am out of the playoff race, I can no longer trade players? By that logic, should I not even set my rosters and just be a "bye" week for people? I'm still trying as this is my second season, so getting experience. I did better in both leagues this year then I did last year, overall. I took the trade because AP is doing good, yes, but not his normal killer self. I have a HORRID bench and my team over all is weak, so I figured get a few upgrades here and there is better for me then on AP.
  6. I ****ed up and did not post after the draft (when I was shit to the faced), so here. Drinking all day, NFL all day, go go go.
  7. lol I probably would have to. GG. Sent you a PM earlier today, so just check that out.
  8. I'll take Denver -7.5 if someone wants Baltimore +7.5. Up to $20. First to reply with this saying booked gets the bet.
  9. Yeah did not get enough interest in this stuff this year. Sorry. I'll be posting bets to get booked here and will explain in a bit. I'll shoot you a PM as well about 1-on-1 betting.
  10. I call Dez Bryant... That's allowed, right?
  11. Alright. Sent PMs to the people interested in Pick Em and Survivor pools. For the one on one's, I'll send PMs each week. Chrozzo, were you interested? Anyone else who wants to get in, let me know and I'll shoot you a PM.
  12. Bumping for ease of finding this tonight after the FCP Fantasy Draft
  13. See you all tonight for the draft! Can't wait!!! Work, quick liquor store run before it starts, and away we'll go!
  14. I'd say 4 teams to increase payout at the end. Not sure if it's too late for my vote or not.
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