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  1. mase_gotsem


    Guess i shldnt have leaked the videos. My bad !
  2. after playing my first tourny on stars in over 4-5 months iv concluded that yes indeed it is still rigged . good luck
  3. sorry to hear wolfman i remember dealing with you a while back hope he didnt get any thing that can hack your poker acounts ,,and im 100% sure i clicked that link now im wonderin if i signed in it
  4. haha .. this forum is out of control dead
  5. i for one think the show is actualy kinda cool a tweak in the set and i think its a winner. id also like to know if dn is tapping dat ace of amanda lethermans even tho its not any of our business.also would like to see durrrr on there id even be willing to play him and the toughest table ever hit me up
  6. man helmuth just cant win a hand in cash games ... and thats the way i like it haha sik hand and show gots dat der potential
  7. gl guys any one no if wsop is doing live final tbles this year .. seems like i been gone forever didnt even relise it was wsop time
  8. my thoughts exactly .. then the ref found the slightest call vs the habs to make it exciting ... congratz habs fans
  9. at this moment and in the future you mean. there is NO ****ing way adz EVER gets half as popular or more marketable as daniel in his life !
  10. dn pay me 10k to play the main event and ill break this kids face pls pls ..
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