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  1. Stan - poker song MY TEAS GONE COLD IM WONDERING WHY, I GOT ON THE FELT AT ALL. THE MORNING RAIN DISRUPTS MY ROUTER, AND I CANT PLAY AT ALL. AND EVEN IF I COULD IT WOULD ALL BE ALL BE GREY, DO I RAISE, CHECK OR CALL. IT REMINDS ME, THAT IM SO BAD, IM SO BAD. Dear Slim, I raised you but still ain't callin’ I limped preflop, checked the turn and on the river decided to pot it I sent two messages in the chat, you must not-a got 'em There probably was a problem with the software or somethin' Sometimes I swear and they get starred out when I jot 'em But anyways, **** it, what's been
  2. If your starting with $100 bank roll, what is a good target to aim for profitwise in the first month? HU sng grind Thoughts?
  3. Has anyone ever done a spin and bet on pokerstars sport. And for anything higher than x2? It's X1 99% of the time
  4. HI,Cheers for the reply. Your right.I should of mentioned id never fold it, because I was playing a super turbo at the time !but deffinately consider letting it go when im deep like you say.
  5. Is it EVER plausible to fold flops nuts?Example: Hero has flopped but straight with ak?? On a boards of 10,J,Q two clubsNow consider I had been playing this guy a lot and know that once I reraise him and he pushes - he has same hand as me or better Question is, as this is early on and I have the better of him - is it possible I fold to avoid the redraws he blaintantly has? Personally I'd NEVER fold it. But just curious as I lost to same hand , plus flush draw which hitThoughts? I mean I don't think this is a great example as there is no low draw to consider but you get the jist of my question
  6. 1. People typing 'ty' after every single hand they win, even if they got lucky or you folded. 2. People using their entire time bank before the bubble, not noticing that the tournament has gone into 'hand-for-hand' mode. 3. People betting into dead side pots with air to win a TINY pot when you should check down to eliminate a player 4. People who purposely take the time to bet 1591 chips instead of just 1500 or 1600 for no reason whatsoever. 5. People who sit-out every now and then slowing the game down, claiming they are multitabling - if you are sitting out all the time while play 3 tables -
  7. Quick question... as a UK player on Fullt Tilt... is my money safe? Or should I just withdraw it and play somewhere else?I know this has been asked to death, but can't find a RECENT post on it for me to feel secure?
  8. ok... ok... lol i dont take anything too personally its cool. all comments are fair. i asked a question and got answers lol...BUT maybe i should of told you whole story lol. your comments are compeltely fair.... after i reread what i said...before i ever won that satelite thing... i consistently beat the lower stakes... what i should of said is.. AFTER ive eperienced the higher limits.. i find it hard to go back down to the lower stakes i was once used to... is that clearer? i undersatnd that my first post gave impression i got lucky once and then tried to say im good...hopefully that makes mo
  9. lol i really do love the people who think their special or part of a community because they've posted alot of messages lol.. its pricless.. your special and much more important than me...why cant people just reply properly????why you on this site? is it just to have a go and be-little people and be the big man on the internet. i wrote a normal post asking a question... dont even know me. why such hostility?? i dont get it..
  10. Hi,a few months ago, i qualified through a satelite on a site called willhill.. english people will know it, other may not... and then continued to make the top 25 out of 250 earning me a vegas package of $12,000.i am not bragging lol. i am saying that after this happened.. i was then able to play very high cash games with blinds as big as $25/50 etc.. and i continued to do this for approx a few months, with success. not massively profitable compared to what a good session with them blinds would give. but profitable none the less...after a while i decided to bank most of my winnings as i was s
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