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  1. bg...yikes man we get your point. nihilism is as dangerous to society as religion. two wrongs dont make a right dude.
  2. just what i immediately found - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biblical_canon#Jewish_canonits not clear but it seems like it was an open thing that they added to as time went on. this too (2.a)http://www.anabaptists.org/history/howwegot.htmlhttp://www.juliantrubin.com/biblefacts.html#27 - up to 300bc i guess?i wish i could find better sources about this. odd that there isnt a page detailing the story of the old testament or something.
  3. this is the excuse you've been looking for to dropout.
  4. i did this once. i had so much fun i didnt even drink that night, i just stood there and talking to girls all night and gave the guys they were with a hard time. its amazing how much shit people will take then they think you're the bouncer. even from skinny nonthreatening me.
  5. if it works for them, it can work for you.
  6. it seemed to me that when he makes the you want an over/under on the number of people making a living from poker comment he is admitting that he is pulling these numbers out of his ass.
  7. that percentage is almost certainly lower now.
  8. none of this is true. if you can't beat bad players you will never beat better players. also consider that even if you have an edge over an entire table most of your profit will still come from the worst players, so it will be to your advantage to learn how to beat them for as much as you can.
  9. definition, as defined by what something means, does not usually mean something else.
  10. if this is a mistake and people are making it then yes its good to play with them. im not trying to be as snide as that sounds just pointing out what you should be thinking about.
  11. [x] would stake op in a hu death match against either dn or hellmuth.
  12. dear lurbz, i thought you weren't going to post on fcp anymore. why the change of heart?
  13. take your commie language elsewhere pinko.
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