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  1. I like your style - but let me ask you this- why isn't there any water to swim in at a pool hall? Also, why can't Trojan make one large enough for my Johnson? Plus, if he really was "Magic" Johnson why did he turn so many tricks? Ok last one...... why is LeBron James so ugly and what are those black marks around his eyebrows and temples - U - G - L -Y LeBron ain't got no alibi?
  2. Doyle tweets to Daniel : "Go back and play the way you used to. I know you don't think so, but you were much better...IMO"I couldn't agree more.............
  3. So funny that Daniel thinks a 120k net loss is "winning" - seems like Charlie Sheen logic to me. Now he has some new software to allow him to 30 table - Ha! Every 25-50 or higher grinder is licking their chops at the prospect of Daniel spewing a mil or two off but insisting he is playing really well........Also just wondering when Dusty Schmidt and Daniel will be announcing their engagement - his last blog stopped just short of getting down on his knees for Daniel - Surprisingly, he is also a Poker Stars sponsored player - oops did I say surprisingly Would have been great if Isild
  4. Ha ha - if the above post is accurate that means Daniel lost with JJ vs AA KK vs AA AK vs AQ and a flopped flush vs an overpair that went runner runner to a full house. Unfortunately, it is like the little Romanian boy who cried wolf - when you are constantly losing and claiming you were unlucky, then when you actually do run this badly no one cares.
  5. The weirdest thing to me is that we all know he is going to lose again Sunday but he probably feels optimistic - then of course no matter how much cash he loses (soon to be around 500k after Isildur crushes him again) he stands to lose 10 times that in endorsements. Who will want to pay for Poker VT when its headliner is being proved to be a true high stakes fish both online and on High Stakes Poker. Will EPT want him commentating when he loses more online this year than any other player?? This is definitely the one time Phil Hellmuth is way smarter than Daniel ----- protecting the bran
  6. Don't conform to the masses!! LOL Your appeal is your flair for writing the hands in an interesting but still fairly concise form. If you start using a hand converter, you will just be another poster - Keep your flair my man!!edit- damn I am too late - why nella, why?? Ha ha- your own recounting was much more interesting.......
  7. You tell me - another day another 70k loss for Daniel. Down about 370k for the year playing 50/100 - I mean really? I guess everyone who said he is a high stakes fish when he started donating 500k a year on High Stakes Poker was right, but he probably thinks he is on a 6 year unlucky streak. It is pretty bad when Mike Matusow laughs at you for always complaining how unlucky you are. Also when he owns you on High Stakes Poker for about 500k - but no, Daniel was just "unlucky" again.
  8. Suggestion on who to play - my grandma is just learning how to turn her computer on and she doesn't know how to play poker but my grandpa does - they should be about even with Daniel's 4 tabling skills in a week or two. My grandpa is very nearly deaf so it should balance out Daniel almost timing out on every table simultaneously. I really used to love "matrix" sit-n-go's on Full Tilt but there is very little chance of getting action or high volume on these tables anymore -- I think people who played video games alot when they were young have a distinct advantage in mult-tabling and apparent
  9. Kinda feel sorry 4 Joe, his site is basically out of business - Daniel stole his girl, and everyone gives him a ton of shit about repping UB. Can you imagine losing your girl to Daniel, got to hurt the ego a little bit. Daniel and E-Dog, taking women away from Sebok and Benyamine with all the hot women to chose from in Vegas - Dirty -
  10. Daniel won 85k today, so good for him. What I guess he doesn't get is that Isildur may be the best heads up NLHE cash player in history.....and the fact that Isildur was lucky to win the cooler hands doesn't change that fact - If they were to play 2 tables of PLO and two tables of NLHE, now that would be interesting. I really don't even think Durrrr would be that keen to play Isildur again if only playing NLHE - only guy I would say would beat him heads up is Ivey - and NO ONE ELSE. The Heads-Up and 4-tabling combo on top of his savant-like grasp of NLHE are unbeatable. I have always b
  11. Only thing I have left to say is I hope Daniel donates 150k to the Haiti or Japan relief fund since he obviously has too much money and just flushed 110k against Isildur
  12. He is being completely destroyed 75k down after only 750 hands. Daniel, your good friend Phil Ivey would have told you if you had asked - the only way to compete with world class cash players is to compete with them every day for years, a few weeks of preparation is not enough for someone like Isildur to whom it is just another day at the office - now maybe if you have any of the 150k left next sunday you can get him to play PLO instead of NLHE
  13. Daniel seems to really be struggling with the 4-tabling, plus he has thrown some ill-timed bluffs and gotten picked off. Would be very interested to know what he is thinking when Isildur has only 5700 behind and there is 10k in the pot, Isildur has repped a big hand (turned out to be a straight) on the turn and Daniel overbets the pot bluffing after missing his flush. 5 6 diamonds vs Isildur's 8 10 -- the play might have worked if Isildur had more money behind as a 10 came to complete a 9 J Q 10 board, semi-counterfeiting Isildur's hand from the 2nd nuts to just the bottom end of a 4 ca
  14. Daniel has almost become more of a poker personality than a professional poker player. To dump 250k preparing for a session where you can only win or lose 150k seems silly. His strengths have always and will always be that he is a great tournament player and a great mixed game cash player. He will never be a great NLHE cash game player. Doyle had a great quote about Daniel "Last year he was saying -play a small ball style, now he is 5 betting with 2-5 off suit" Doyle, PA, Ivey, even Durrrr all have their own style of play which they have a great amount of faith in, while Daniel seems to
  15. Watching a variety of High Stakes Poker reruns online and just found it awful how often Daniel and Phil pay off river bets when they are clearly beaten. Given how unlucky Daniel was during the 1st two or three seasons I was inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the episodes I watched this weekend illustrated the differences between the best in the world at NLHE cash games and the best tournament players. In tournaments, alot of moves are being made and players are bluffing off big stacks in an attempt to accumulate all the chips so Daniel and PH both benefit by picking off big
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