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  1. Round 8: European Grand PrixWell, the race wasn't really that exciting. That's ok though, with so many great races already this year, I think it's only right that a little balance was restored with the sort of "blah" race that was the European Grand Prix.Vettel dominated again, completing that "hat trick" in the process: a race win, from pole, and fastest lap. Hamilton had a bad start but found his footing later. No big crashes like last year when Webber ran up the back of Heikki Kovalainen and did a back flip, landed on his head, eventually finding his way right side up before crashing into t
  2. Round 8: QualifyingDespite regulation changes to make the cars slower, Vettel still posted the fastest lap ever recorded in Valencia - the 1st lap ever set in the 1:36's (1:36.975).Top 4 QualifiersPole: Sebastian VettelP2: Mark WebberP3: Lewis HamiltonP4: Fernando AlonsoOther starting positions:5. Felipe Massa6. Jenson Button7. Nico Rosberg8. Michael Schumacher9. Nick Heidfeld11. Vitaly Petrov12. Paul Di Resta14. Kamui Kobayashi16. Sergio PerezAs with the last race, there will be 2 D.R.S. zones active during the race.The Race starts tomorrow at Noon EST on FOXThe GP2 race starts tomorrow morni
  3. Round 7: Canadian Grand PrixIn The Beginning... The clouds opened and thus a deluge sprang forth...For the first time in a few years a race was started behind the safety car, creating an ominous start with there sure to be many accidents. After 25 laps the red flag was brought out, suspending race action due to dangerous conditions. Before that, however, there were a few incidents. Chief among them was Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button breaking the number 1 rule of racing... DON'T TAKE OUT YOUR TEAMMATE! With poor visibility, Hamilton came up from behind and along side as Button was moving ove
  4. Round 7: QualifyingPacked grandstands yesterday and today for all the practice sessions and qualifying really make it a party atmosphere in Montreal. With street festivals all around, Canadians really do appreciate and embrace the Grand Prix race that they host annually at the track named for their patron saint of motorsport. Bravo Canada!Overcast skies in Montreal today served slight concern, with the threat of rain and the difficulty it made getting heat into the tires. These things, however, didn't prevent several drivers from breaking the lap record (seen above), set in a year with more po
  5. The Soup: Fridays at 10pm on E. Joel McHale is the host.
  6. What are your thoughts on The Soup, SA?
  7. Thanks. I thought she might have been one of the hottest news anchors ever. And, I heard Google gives you cancer, like cell phones and being a Cleveland Browns fan. So...
  8. I only have 3 things to say about last night's episode.1. Did you hear a click?2. Who tf is Lorena Sanchez? (Someone please help me, I don't have Google and I'm afraid to look anyway)3. RESPECT THE DO NOT DISTURB SIGN!P.S. Super models that gain weight are still super hott, if they look like Kate Upton. http://youtu.be/CASyE-wuddk
  9. Is there anything more awesome than spectator participation??http://news.ninemsn.com.au/viralvacuum/169...r-f1-car.glanceI think I'da cleared it.
  10. Cool. Thanks for posting that, dEv~.No wonder why the kid's college broadcast was an epic fail, his favorite broadcaster is Costas...
  11. Whoa Whoa Whoa...Who said anything about him being great. If anyone ever said DC was great in movies, I might start to twitch like Harlan Williams in the car in There's Something About Mary, when Stiller starts talkin' about "6 Minute Abs."http://youtu.be/QeHVYuRnIjY
  12. I just got Addicted to the new Battlestar Galactica MMO.I've never really got down with MMOs, but this one is several levels of Awesomeness. Makes me look forward to this new MMO that's supposed to be coming out this fall and be free. I saw it on AOTS but I forget what it's called. They said something like it's gonna revolutionize MMOs with it's graphics engine and be a serious rival to World Of Warcraft. If anyone knows which one I'm talking about and the name, let me know. Otherwise, I'll post it when I find it.This Battlestar Galactica online is so sick and looks amazing! Off to play more a
  13. Damn. I'm out for 2 days 'cause I got hooked on this MMO, and missed a little action in here.I'm blown away, how can you hate Tosh and have a pic that cool... hmm.You must've missed last week's episode with Gus Johnson in the 'Boom Goes the Dynamite' web redemption. Watch that 1 and see if the funny centers in your brain don't start to tingle with all sorts of wonderfulness. Agreed! But he's better in movies.
  14. MJ winning no rings w/o Pippen...I don't know about all that, but I don't hear Jordan talking about certain people being more complete players than Scottie was.It's almost like Scottie is bitter that Jordan is more famous than him even though they won their rings together.And LeBron is still younger than Jordan was at the same point in his career, but I'd put 3 rings at the max If he doesn't win this year.
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