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  1. There is a pic of my boy taken just a bit ago. He makes me feel old.
  2. Cancel that for now. Yahoo league is fubared. Anyone willing to do the auction on MSN? If not, then make your email public on our league and I will grant you access to try and fix it.
  4. Yahoo is a big flaming pile of shit. I hate it. I have spent all morning dealing with finalizing keepers and trying to set up the draft but the system is stupid and looks like I have to manually add keepers to teams which makes no effing sense to me at all. Then it will add a keeper cost and then I have to use that against what each player has to spend, which I haven't finished doing either, and people need to confirm those numbers as well which no one has all weekend. This is way more work than I planned on. I leaving for the rest of the day. Hopefully I can get back to it and figure it out t
  5. Oh boy, angry steve is angry, lol.Yeah you're busy. I get that, we all are. Some more than others. Look at poor dannyg breastfeeding his kid while clicking the box on yahoo to set his keepers. We all could make excuses. But we committed to the league and found the time within our busy lives. I have no doubt that if one of us found out that we could not find 30 minutes in 34 days to do this we would step down. But you don't care do you? Maybe you do, hard to tell. Doesn't look like it. I for some odd reason am now starting to take it personal. I am the one waiting on you. I have things to do in
  6. Is this where I beg you to please don't go?Sorry the comments that reek of the truth are the ones that bother you. Poor you. Out of 12 GM's you don't have 20 minutes. Like we all have all the free time in the world and found that time in the last, let me count, 34 days. It wasn't 6. It wasn't 3. It was 34 days. Then we gave you another day and now if we give you another 2 that will be alright and I will just have to sit back and waste more of my time waiting on you like I did last night and tonight. Yeah, poor little serge. Do you even understand the Nell comment? I think it fits perfectly. I
  7. Yeah not like he hasn't had weeks to do it before leaving town but whatever. I set mine way back around 2/11. I canceled the deadline for keepers. It's set again for tomorrow at midnight. Not out of kindness but out of my desire to not have to sit there next Thursday night building a team that didn't set their keepers like everyone else did.
  8. I know this is a big hassle for some of you but it is the best that can be done unless someone has the means financially and/or professionally to create a site like the old FCHL site or something similar.This is a link to the 2012 Farm RosterOn auction night have this page up in your browser and you can search before you make your nomination. I could take the time and search all 166 players to see if they are in the yahoo database and then create fake teams in the league for them but that will jut be a big waste of time and make the long process of the auction draft longer because those other
  9. Oh can I go? I am boring now but I am sure I will fail as a parent just like I did a, whatever I actually was at the apartment place, so I should provide entertainment when things are slow.
  10. Oh yes, I have my handy dandy reference for figuring out what I am doingC RuizC Avila1B Fielder2B UgglaSS Escobar ???3B RamirezMI AltuveMI UribeCI PenaCI DunnOF GrandersonOF EthierOF JacksonOF GordonOF Huff UT PaganUT P Texas B LaPortaB PierreB KouzmanoffB WiggingtonB B B BP Cinci
  11. Really?I mean overall I don't care but I find it amusing that the rare times I see you post here it is usually to troll serge. It seems like you are being biatch like and we all know how you reacted to that. Don't get me wrong, I don't care about trolling, it's all fun and games, but it's just funny to see people get bent out of shape about getting trolled yet go out and troll others.
  12. Aaron Hicks is available. He is an RFA and can be signed long term for $1.50. I need a couple decent MI's and a 3B and all my picks are available.PM me at FCBL or at my iBeaver account here.
  13. The complete lack of super tecmo bowl is killing me right now. Not Tecmo Bowl. Super Tecmo Bowl which was 100000000x better than the original as it had real teams and real licensed players and kept full stats. I think that is all I did at college. All 28 teams were taken by 28 of us on our floor and we played full season after full season against each other. By far one of the greatest single video games period, not just sports games.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tecmo_Super_Bowl
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