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  1. Movie trailer voice guy:In a forum where numbers dwindled...where the last action on the first page was almost a month ago...one man...stood to rise above it all... and become...King of Off Topic 2010!~*~Coming soon~*~
  2. And we're back.For a season opener, I thought it left a lot to be desired. I'm going to need a whole lot more Peter and Walter soon.
  3. Cliff Lee almost took a broken bat to the face last night (it nicked his ear).Hey baseball, no hurry on keeping your players safe. I mean, what are the chances something bad happens again?
  4. Apparently he copped to it just two minutes ago. And even referenced "mutually assured destruction." Maybe he's reading this thread.I find the fact that he was a political science major to be...amusing.
  5. Fantasy baseball is everywhere. Kim Jong-Il is in a NL-only keeper league. (Team name: License to Il.)Fantasy leagues—which first surged in the 1980s—are big in football and basketball, too. They're part of an enhanced sports experience that includes video games which let you run, move, and even celebrate as real players—so you can feel like the star. It's as if we want more and more to "own" the sports thing, even if we're not a bit athletic. If that Avatar movie ever becomes reality, kids will slip into NBA bodies rather than blue skin.Mitch, don't frighten the old people who are reading thi
  6. Is somebody going to explain the racial component of the word uppity?
  7. I was hoping that was going to be a Pinky & the Brain cartoon.
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