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  1. i have a rec from a doctor for medical marijuana
  2. Collateral for the first time in a while. Great directing, great acting. Not as good as Heat though.Watching Back to the Future on HBO right now.
  3. i think he might be the only one (outspoken about it, lol)puff puff pass on my only day off from grinding.
  4. sigh great run. too bad it had to end and yeah there is no chance Jim doesn't get coach of the year. the skys the limit with this team!
  5. dont read her posts? stick to the memories you guys had as kids.
  6. im pissed it took me this long to see this post. nh sir. exactly. i hate lewis for quitting on us then that cheap shot. bush league/. yes! cannot wait for sunday!
  7. Kim Jong's son is pretty wacky to say the least. this might actually be very bad for america. well at least us here on the west coast.
  8. lol dude can play but LOLOLClark thinks power outage is a conspiracy
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