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  1. Sorry everyone, no conspiracy here. Im not going to discuss my personal issues via a public forum but in a nutshell I had a parasite in my large intestine. I dont know where I got it but it must have been during a port of call on my cruise. I had a weak immune system as it was and this bug reaked havoc. It really was serious for ahwile and my family was scared. My brother was handling my affairs becuse my father is battling cancer and my mother has had her own health issues. My girlfriend had my phone so she could inform my clients and students of my situation and to find instruction elsewhere for awhile. The doctors didnt want me to deal with work and updates because it might cause me stress and make me worse. She didnt tell me of the few texts I recieved from Pat and Scott over the past months because of that. She also knew I was in contact with my friends and family through my email beacuse I was able to use my laptop for for months now. My girlfriend does not know "Trussdude" or "Nutzbuster" so when the texts come in under those names she just assumes they are random people. If Scott would have actually called and left a message she would have notified me or spoken to him directly. She knows Scott from Arizona but not "Nutzbuster". As for the $$$ I owe Pat, he will be paid back immediately when I come home before Thanksgiving. All this would have been cleared up if I would have recieved an email or if a voice message was left for me. My girlfriend doesnt know who I have been in contact with or everyone I know for that matter. She rarely looks at my phone because I havent been getting calls or texts for awhile....but she did tell me she recieved a text last night at 12:30 AM from the "Trussdude" saying "How is Miami Vice?" or something along those lines. She thought it was weird and random and asked me about it. Thats when she told me "Trussdude" has texted me before and she has updated him. As for FCP, I havent visited the site but only a few times just to check out the Gen Forum. I guess I should have logged in and did a search, I would have seen this gem of a thread. When I was at the WSOP Scott told me he was done with FCP and wasnt posting there anymore and since I havent played poker, I never really visited. As for ESPN/Sports sites and yes Miami Vice forum LOL, I havent really posted much. While in the hospital(s) I was given the Miami Vice collection and have been watching all of the seasons and been posting on that site. I never really watched it during its run but I love it now. I appreciate all the well wishes in this thread and I wish I would have seen it when it started. I hope to be able to get to a casino soon and play some pokah !
  2. See OJ in upstate Nevada, he can recommend someone.
  3. What if you just touch your phone, not even pull it out 3 inches out of your pocket, maybe just glance at it???
  4. Good read but still gets old watching the Pirates trade away talent for unknown talent.
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