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  1. Sorry everyone, no conspiracy here. Im not going to discuss my personal issues via a public forum but in a nutshell I had a parasite in my large intestine. I dont know where I got it but it must have been during a port of call on my cruise. I had a weak immune system as it was and this bug reaked havoc. It really was serious for ahwile and my family was scared. My brother was handling my affairs becuse my father is battling cancer and my mother has had her own health issues. My girlfriend had my phone so she could inform my clients and students of my situation and to find instruction elsewhere
  2. See OJ in upstate Nevada, he can recommend someone.
  3. What if you just touch your phone, not even pull it out 3 inches out of your pocket, maybe just glance at it???
  4. Good read but still gets old watching the Pirates trade away talent for unknown talent.
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