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  1. I got stuck 6k in about a week once then I made it back. HollA
  2. Really? You know I'm going to vette my students well before taking them on. I would assume Rdog or whoever would understand that it would benefit me and my student for them to be involved in the 4bb community. Unless this is a level? I have absolutely no idea if this is a level or not.
  3. Yeah, I mean, even if he can't help you financially he's in a better position to give you life advice than we are. And it's usually good policy to be open with your family anyway. GL, run good one time.
  4. 2.5k isn't a lot of money in the grand scheme of things. Since your young you'll easily be able to recover and move on in a couple months. I think the only option you have is to go to your parents and let them know the situation. You're young, you made a mistake, it happens. The important thing is that you learn from it. You should value your education more and stay in school. College will allow you to get a high paying job easier than someone without an education. In 10 years when you have your B.A. and are making 80k/year you'll look back and laugh at this whole thing. Keep your eye on the l
  5. What about slander? He called me a con man and obviously has nothing to back it up with. In the poker industry one of the most important things you can have is a good reputation and he's trying to ruin mine. Ban him Bob.
  6. Bink. Solid post imo and spot on.Obviously there are financial benefits for me to do this but remember, I only get paid when my student makes money. Structuring it that way allows people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford coaching, to get coached and it's an incentive for the coach (me) to do his best to make sure they succeed. Poto, you are truely crazy.
  7. Man dude, I have so many people that can vouch for my trustworthiness.
  8. Yeah, TR is pretty far off. I totaled my winnings up from Jan 1st of this year, so like, the last 8 months or whatever, and I'm at 47.5k. Some of that is bonus money obviously. I only have my hand history's for the last couple months (and I missed a significant chunk of one of those months) in my HEM because I bought a new computer and moved. But yeah, I requested the hand history's for Jan 1st to April 11th (the time I moved) from AP a month ago and haven't heard back. There are people around here who can vouche for me. Jesse (pocketdeuces) would have the best idea of how much I've made in th
  9. I'm not against students playing Mtts during coaching as long as they focus on improving at NL cash. Yes, I would be entitled to 100% of rakeback.
  10. Yeah, I mean, doing a percentage of profits instead of an hourly insures I care about the students development and truly want to see them succeed. If I'm getting paid an hourly I wouldn't care as much if you learned the material because I'm getting paid either way.And to give you an idea of how much I expect to make, lets say that I'm coaching a 50nl player who makes 2k in a month. Which is a good month imo. He would pay me 600 for the months worth of coaching. I regularly win/lose pots more than 1k. So that's like one pot for me after a months work.
  11. I will be offering this arrangement for a few months at least. If everything goes well I may plan on doing it longer. I'll post when I have an opening.And I would like to give back to FCP. I haven't posted here a lot recently since the whole 4bb thing started up but this is my first 'poker community' and I feel a sense of attachment to it. I still check up on this place a couple times a week but as I said, rarely post.
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