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  1. https://www.youtube....h?v=_qcs_eoM6vo
  2. Brvy and Explorer new or just new handles? Processed not good. New diet is nothing out of a box or can. Well, except the garbanzo beans for the home made hummus is from a can, but that's it.
  3. Shake Zimmerman? Enjoy tour tweets Beansie...sometime a little blurry tho. BAC > 1.5 ?
  4. Don't recognize some of those peeps. Guessing Suited/Essay is Speedz? First sickie kid for Thera? Down 16.5 lbs since 2-4-13 and that includes a Mexican vacation and 2 junior Whoppers for breakfast this morning. Wedding? Congrats Sir.She preggo? JFC. Actually 5 years for me in 2 weeks. Just seems like yesterday I was yankin it.
  5. Anyone want to update me? Slow day at work and I thought I'd check to see if my password still worked.
  6. Wang what's the poop on the game tomorrow?Leaning towards taking the points.
  7. 847/630/815Best video I've seen: Thunder Snow!
  8. FYP.EDIT: I doubt you will get audited, but double check with a taxprepayer befrore you file. It's been a LONG time since my last tax class, but makes sense for you to file and claim him.
  9. This reminds me of a DJ here that did a parody song called "Another kid in the Crawl" aka story of John Wayne Gacy to Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" . Yep hmmm, we are going out of the country this month.
  10. From sexy Tom's twitter :Skilling - Final Blizzard of 2011 snow tallies: 20.2" O'Hare; 20.9" Midway---the heaviest snowstorm ever to occur in Feb & 3rd biggest snow in 126 yrs about 1 hour ago ยท reply Winner winner chicken dinner.
  11. Was watching the Blackhawks game last night and Pat Foley gave us this nugget.3 Blackhawks have won All Star-Game MVP's. Patrick Sharp, Bobby Hull and ERIC DAZE - wtf?
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