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  1. https://www.youtube....h?v=_qcs_eoM6vo
  2. Brvy and Explorer new or just new handles? Processed not good. New diet is nothing out of a box or can. Well, except the garbanzo beans for the home made hummus is from a can, but that's it.
  3. Shake Zimmerman? Enjoy tour tweets Beansie...sometime a little blurry tho. BAC > 1.5 ?
  4. Don't recognize some of those peeps. Guessing Suited/Essay is Speedz? First sickie kid for Thera? Down 16.5 lbs since 2-4-13 and that includes a Mexican vacation and 2 junior Whoppers for breakfast this morning. Wedding? Congrats Sir.She preggo? JFC. Actually 5 years for me in 2 weeks. Just seems like yesterday I was yankin it.
  5. Anyone want to update me? Slow day at work and I thought I'd check to see if my password still worked.
  6. Wang what's the poop on the game tomorrow?Leaning towards taking the points.
  7. 847/630/815Best video I've seen: Thunder Snow!
  8. FYP.EDIT: I doubt you will get audited, but double check with a taxprepayer befrore you file. It's been a LONG time since my last tax class, but makes sense for you to file and claim him.
  9. This reminds me of a DJ here that did a parody song called "Another kid in the Crawl" aka story of John Wayne Gacy to Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" . Yep hmmm, we are going out of the country this month.
  10. From sexy Tom's twitter :Skilling - Final Blizzard of 2011 snow tallies: 20.2" O'Hare; 20.9" Midway---the heaviest snowstorm ever to occur in Feb & 3rd biggest snow in 126 yrs about 1 hour ago ยท reply Winner winner chicken dinner.
  11. Was watching the Blackhawks game last night and Pat Foley gave us this nugget.3 Blackhawks have won All Star-Game MVP's. Patrick Sharp, Bobby Hull and ERIC DAZE - wtf?
  12. Don't need much else Talk to us in September when it's 105 in the Springs at 10PM and we are on our porch enjoying the cool breeze of anytown USA Yeah, wind is amazing. Just started snowing again here. We probably have 18" Got internet, but can't load pics from my phone. This link is awesome. Step-son is at IU and classes cancelled until 10.
  13. A mandatory sig for this thread if there ever was one.At home obv, wearing pants ( ok pj's) but no underwear. It's a winter wonderland. Just started snowing again. Have fun those East of here!
  14. What's even better is (y)our Irish Catholic Governor just signed a law legalizing civil unions. Overdramatic? You should see him during tornado season. Virtually blows his load when one heads to Plainfield.I am ok with Midway...UNDER, one time dealer.Edit: His brother is Jeffrey Skilling former CEO of Enron. Both faggots. Not Jeff, but still cost me $10K +/-
  15. Looks like something to do on my day off tomorrow. My faggot brothers want to close the plant. One thing leads to another... Angry Steve - all that talk about Mexican made me go out yesterday ;
  16. Under. Tom Skilling lives with a bunch of guys.Use O'hare as ground zero.Hey Mr. 312...Inland SW is not Mt. Greenwood. More like Lemont.
  17. The tacon looks interesting. Like a waffle cone? Still not really authentic.Where's the pozole, menudo, chili rellenos, carne asada or tampequeno, camarones a la diabla? I need my chorizo or lengua or al pastor? Gonna be in Mexico on 2 weeks...can't wait. Why are we ?
  18. Yeah, SOS. Scott did a great job 4 years ago...man hard to believe it's been than long. It's a LOT of work. Sorry no gambling at Bushwood.
  19. Yeah well cigars stink! The discussion about FB posting came out of the Nword aka idiot who wore his Packers tie to work last Monday. Dumber than posting on FB IMO. F, K, M
  20. Wang is ? never stopped you before Does anyone else cringe with the dating updates? I feel for ya Strat. Was gonna Jeepster his post but your reply is better.With all the great Mexican joints in the area, I just can't go to TBell, Q or Chipotle. Sorry but that stuff is just not real Mexican.
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