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  1. There's a certain level of "Oh my God, this is so horrible!" and also a sense of "How totally awesome is this!"Then after listening to some of the break ups, it is realized very quickly that this guy is an idiot. I'm thinking there are a few sickies in here that could do this job full time and quickly build a fan base for witty, merciless break ups. Possible radio/reality TV even. The sky is the limit.
  2. Hmmm, I forget how this link thing works again. I wonder if I did this right.Edit- nope that didn't work.Hmmm, let's try this:http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,...2032684,00.html
  3. You hit the nail on the head and I agree with this completely. I wasn't promoting fighting (however it does seem to be the lesser of two evils between that and felony charges). I would have said "walk away" from the get go, had I actually believed this was an option TB was contemplating, but from what I read in his posts, this wasn't a likely scenario since he seemed to be out for revenge in Jenny's honor.
  4. Oh ffs. Lets get one thing straight, I was simply asking a question WHY YOU NEED TO HIRE SOMEONE ELSE TO DO YOUR DIRTY WORK. I don't quite care if you kick the shit out of him yourself, have your hired guns lynch him, or cower in a corner like a little bitch (does that mean I think you're a cowering little bitch?) I was simply asking WHY you chose to go this route. Speedz explained it that you are trying to avoid physical violence. Which I then find laughable that you won't take a punch for Jenny, but you're will to commit multiple felonies for her. STILL, I don't think you're any less of a ma
  5. My question was never was he or wasn't he a man, it was WHY is he doing it the way he has outlined. I had a bunch more stuff typed out but then I decided, why bother. Apparently TB's way is the only way.
  6. I guess not. Devising a plan, then creating a back-up plan to said plan seems to be the way to go.
  7. Ok, now you're just being a wise ass, but I'll play along.As I stated, I didn't understand why he is scheming and plotting and employing the use of his goons to do something he is very capable of doing himself. So while you may have taken my words "be a man" to mean that I was implying that he was less than one, I was simply trying to figure out why he wouldn't talk to/teach this man a lesson himself. Then you explained he didn't want it to become physically violent. Ok. Whatever.You're taking the other part you quoted out of context. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough in my OP, but that was in reg
  8. Well odds are the convo wouldn't go as gentlemanly as one would hope, but then after TB smashed his face in he could look down at him and say "I tried to be an adult about this but nooooooooo, you just wouldn't listen to reason." and then kick him in his side as he walked away. At least that's how I see it done in the movies.AGAIN, it was a question of his method, not of his manhood.They are 8 and 10.... and apparently it is impossible for an 8 and 10 year old to cut the last piece of pie in EQUAL portions.
  9. LOL. I had to break up an argument between my kids. It wasn't pretty.
  10. I was simply asking a question as to why he was devising some great scheme instead of just approaching the guy himself. It is possible for two men to handle a situation like adults in this day and age, isn't it?My reference to the trespassing, theft and vandalism were geared toward the fact that you said he didn't want any physical violence. So physical violence is a no-no but committing a felony is right up his alley? Oh, and sending his muscle does NOT guarantee that things wouldn't go any further. Who knows, maybe this guy is 6'5" and built like a brick shit house and would be more than wil
  11. Oh whatever, Speedz. I wasn't implying that he isn't man enough to take care of the situation himself. I just didn't understand WHY he was going about it the way he is, which I made perfectly clear in my post. He obviously has his reasons which I haven't taken the time to read. But let me get this straight... he doesn't want physical violence, but he is willing to break into a residence, steal property and vandalize. He is also willing to promote physical violence by way of sending his muscle to do his dirty work. Just so we're clear.
  12. I was just reading the last couple pages in here, which then prompted me to go back and find TB's original post about the Jenny/Hal/Colby situation. I guess I'm a bit confused. She willingly made a sex tape, which I can only assume was meant for hers and Colby's viewing pleasure only. Now he is showing it to others. Why have you not confided in Jenny with this knowledge and let her decide how she wants this handled? And I think the part that confuses me the most is why do you need to employ a hired gun to do the dirty work? If this upsets you, be a man and step up to him. It's very possible th
  13. Yeah, I realized my mistake after I posted it and didn't care enough to go back and correct it.
  14. I played in a $5 pl08 rebuy yesterday and 1st paid $1500. Although I only came in 30th place so who the hell cares about my tiny $36 win. I was able to final table a different pl08 tourney last night though. Didn't win that one either lolEither way, congrats balloon guy.
  15. You were in a $5 rebuy/ante tourney and 1st place only paid $120??
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