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  1. Here's a link to the blog, interesting read LOLhttp://www.pokerlistings.com/blog/adz124-o...poker-challengenever have thought much of this ADZ124(Matt M)but even less now.
  2. i bought his (Sam's)dad a fishing reel off ebay and sent it to them and didn't ask to be paid up front and everything went fine and I got paid.
  3. I donated one of my kidneys to my Dad, beyond that have lotsa things and been lotsa places but not sure too many are truly unique.
  4. yeah with all the times I chatted online with Sam this does seem bizarre, hopefully it gets settled up!
  5. I've had it for about a week and there's some issues that I need to get resolved. seems to be eating up my resources, maybe a conflict between that and my norton. hopefully I can get it squared away and running properly soon.
  6. ship it. well done mang, congrats!
  7. interesting, guess i shoulda read the whole thing but since I'm with DC didn't bother.sure sounds like a ploy of sorts
  8. is this old news that they merged?very interesting, I'd have to guess it's more CR buying Stox but who knows for sure.that is all.
  9. surely american badass was on the radio as we pounded on the keyboard..
  10. well I live in Waukesha County, between home games/bar games there's plenty of NL action without going East/West to the casinos. I used to host a home game every month religiously, but as I(we've)busted the fish they don't come back so much and it's hardly worth the effort anymore. I host now, just once every few months and work hard to get 20-30 players. I also play in the local wednesday cash game. Runs year round, during golf season it's at my golf club and during bowling season it's at the bowling alley.In the fall I'm usually in Ferryville a couple weekends and about 6 weekends in Waupaca
  11. play well, run goot, have fun and take it down mang !
  12. Congrats ! I hope the success continues and you can take down another this year and get another 200k needle into Ivey.
  13. hmmm if this, or more exactly this dude, was serious I'd do the 9k.......but I think not.
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