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  1. lol I get what you are saying, I focused here for insight into effective strategies in the modern application of driving views. I know for sure there are people here that would be highly effective in finding ways to be seen, through search results or anything. I also felt there was a higher chance of connecting with someone with an appropriate response in order t pick their brain. I appreciate your guys' time. Thanks. -Cole
  2. Hey Guys, Haven' t been in here in awhile, but I'm in a songwriting competition through Guitar Center and having trouble keeping up with promoting and getting viewed as much as the top people. Any ideas to help drive views, and followers? Any input appreciated, Thx, -Cole songwriter.amplifiertv.com/channel/Donovan+Cole
  3. So, in terms of personal suits against those that ran the site, doesn't each player have their own personal greviance they could file and recieve damages? I feel personal damages would be due to those taking the initiative to file suit, would they not? Any one legal minded here that could shed some light on that avenue of thought? Being someone who bought the Lederer Instructional DVD sets, etc., having my trust and faith in someone whom I personally invested my time and money in to find him a fraud and swindler, my faith in whom directly effected my decision to invest money into online pok
  4. Looking to make a deposit online, bought the prepaid walmart money card. Looking to load on a US friendly site. The card is not allowing Lock Poker until my personalized card comes in a week and a half, because the transaction is coming from outside the US, and this is not allowed until the card is recieved. Anyone know a place I could deposit where the transaction would come from an acceptable place, so i don't have to wait a week and a half to play? Thanks -Cole
  5. I'm going to believe this is true, because it makes me feel better
  6. In my opinion, wear a T-shirt saying "Howard Lederer is Scum", walk into the room with a big smile, buy a nice bottle of something and make sure everyone gets a glass but Howard, refuse eye contact with him, play your session and keep a stack aside from the rest of your chips, keep track of every chip you win that Howard put in the pot and keep it as an FTP repayment fund. Maybe even go as far as put him at a table where you are staking the players sitting in for that session in order to get them to collude against him, which in this case seems perfectly inline with what Howard's expectations
  7. Now I understand more clearly what I'm looking at and what you're looking for I'll try again. First I'd say you're not often going to find a "c-bet" from a guy who flatted that stack. What value would he gain? If you took aggression, technically, you are the one in position to c-bet, so if he does have a hand he's looking to showdown it's best to pass the action to you. He would probably shove if it's a draw heavy board and needs to protect a hand, but most likely if he's looking for value he would check, and shove to a c-bet. If you check behind, it will most likely induce a shove, or
  8. Not uncommon to see someone defend the BB. In terms of this hand, we don't know what the size of your raise was, the stage of the tournament, how many players are at the table, or if there are antes. We also are given no history on your play with this player. The less information you give, the less likely it is someone can give you an accurate analysis of the dynamics at play and how they should be contemplated or managed. Perhaps, in a general sense, the forethought that player has put in, or is/isn't capable of will decide the quality of the play your opponent made. If his goal was to f
  9. It completely depends who is playing. You cannot insinuate that people that can afford to play higher limits are better players. You cannot judge a single player's play seperate from any given table dynamic. It's hard to be specific enough, or to generate a sterile enough situation to give a blanket statement. There is no ranking system or achievement system for players that can generate an uncontrolable table dynamic for any given period of time, it is a parallel to the free market in that wealth can flow in from different angles, to profit you must be congnizant of the openings and varyin
  10. $100 - 40 player Live NLHE Tourney This is a weekly tournament held at a local casino. 8 players remain. 6 players cash. UTG +1, Chipleader to my left. AxKx, UTG folds. Blinds are at 4k/8k w/ 500 Ante I have approx. 125K. Avg. approx 100K Chip Lead Approx 210K I open for 22K Chip leader calls, all others fold. Pot: 60K Effective Stack After Flop: 103K Flop: 2x5x9x I move all in. Player calls and Shows Kx9x for top pair K kicker. Board runs dry. Finished 8th This player and I had a hand early in the tourney where I flopped Top Pair Top Kicker, against his over pocket pair
  11. Pimptastic, congrats Gib! I hope this is your launching pad for the rest of your life! Make the most of it bro! :)Enjoy your day in the sun!
  12. Go Get it Gib! The time for dreaming is done,The day has seemingly come.You have not sat and waited,Praying that fate would call your name,You studied feverishly, anticipated,And now it seems that they're playing your game.In an island breeze,More than an island dream,More like fantasy,But it's real,It's now,And you've gotten here somehow.It is time to not assume your place, no,But to take it,To move the earth beneath your feet,As you break it.The game now moves at your speed,Wills bend and break at your need,And in your mastery,You find,The answer to what all thought,Were tricks of the mind.A
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