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  1. Definitely interested and would love to max the low and mid with a smaller percentage of the high. That would be fun! Has anyone found a WSOP Fantasy Pool running? I have always enjoyed those as well... All the best on the wedding Daniel and Amanda
  2. In the recent Pokernews article about the SHRPO missing it's guarantee, the main reason given was there are many more tournament options for players these days and that's true. I think what US tournament series have to realize is that non US players would really rather play anywhere but the US because of the withholding taxes taken when they cash a tourney. The series in Montreal and the EPT Barcellona had huge fields. The WSOP is the exception as lots of foreigners attend. http://www.pokernews.com/news/2014/09/five-thoughts-the-shrpo-guarantee-19193.htm
  3. Hope you do the WSOP pool again, it's rather fun and makes the WSOP a little more interesting...
  4. Thanks Bob… Vegas, the DN bobble head has to be a collectors item lol, never seen those before.
  5. My last vist to the WSOP was early in the schedule, 2010. I played two $1500 buy in events and no luck in the end but I had a blast. Going for the millionaire maker and will play some of the daily deepstacks and if all goes well I will go back for the ME. Looking forward to the trip. Anyone else going for early events?
  6. Oddly enough the last two times I was in Vegas I stayed at Venetian, the first time was awesome, the second was a nightmare as they wouldn't honour the deal the poker room had set up for rooms (hats off to the poker room for sorting it out way after the fact!). So now all this crap from Adelson and I'm happy to say I'm not staying there for my WSOP trip this year...
  7. Played at the same table with Chad Brown one time only a few years back at the WSOP and he's pure class. GL Chad
  8. Thanks, I didn't quite understand either but I guess we will see when the results come out tomorrow...
  9. When is the next update... lots happened since 31... GL everyone
  10. So it's finally here! WSOP and a great pool to make it even more interesting. Most of my picks I made based on volume but to be honest it's really hard to find the info on who's going to play how many events... Here's my picks: Daniel Negreanu - Because the pool isn't worth much if he doesn't do well and I want him to continue having a great year anyway! Eugene Katchalov - Was a toss between him and Juanda, the other guys just will not play many tourneys Liv Boeree - Was her or Weisner and Liv seems to be heading in the right direction. Harman will be hard pressed to get
  11. Cool... was hoping they would broadcast this again, was fun to watch last year.
  12. Make that three final tables live, one bracelet, one SCOOP championship, one watch, over a million and a half in the bank and the WSOP hasn't started yet. Pretty easy to do the math here, his poker results are a good indicator of where he's at in his life right now, confident, disciplined and having a hell of a lot of fun... Does it really matter that it started when he hit the reset button at something called Choice Centre? Do any of us have to go try it? Does he really care if we do not approve? The answer to all those questions in my opinion is no. Daniel has opinions, likes to share th
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