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  1. variance is a function of your winrate? really? Variance is the variation from expected equity, +/-, based on your statistical averaged win rate, I dont think varance is influenced by winrate. I guess my contention is that luck has a MUCH LARGER influence or more appropriately, incidence of occurance, at LLNL(as a general overall blanket statement) than it does at Higher levels because at higher levels the play is more refined and typically much better. Certainly Variance is influenced by play... play type/style. Some say that when playing skills go up(higher BI levels), that the eff
  2. Variance and the buy in level... I am curious as to opinions of Variance at different buy in levels. I was having a discussion the other day and was somewhat insistent that Variance is much higher at lower Buy In levels of play(1/2-1/3 versus say 2/5-5/10) based on the fact that table play at those LLNL levels can be very unpredicateble and varied... and that as you rise through the BI levels variance(while it may have more of an effect on our stack) occurs at a lower rate because table play is more consistently good. thoughts? is variance consistent throughout?
  3. continue opening to 18-20 and eventually they will start calling your 10x pre flop raises. if they do you can narrow the range slightly on some of those calls. what are the starting stack sizes?
  4. 2+2... Oligarchy. But it is their place. heart? I wish... strict, HELL YES.
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