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  1. o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o00o And he's got the TT And we held!!! nh nh
  2. Snap that off bc curiosity and we've got them kangs
  3. Agree that the pre-flop call is likely questionable. But in passive small-stakes games it can likely be profitable. I'm gonna bet/fold the turn to get value from sets/2-pair vs bad villains. I think villain only raises the AT on the turn, so we can def get value from worse and know when we're beat. Then if he calls our turn bet, we're check deciding and betting small occasionally, depending on timing from turn, river card, etc etc. Then as played I'm check/calling. Villain shouldn't check back AT as often as he checks back air, draws and weak two-pairs etc.
  4. I went to Vegas this spring and played on both WSOP and Ultimate. The ultimate software was good and there were a decent amount of low stakes games going, but yeah - you need serious traffic to handle the start-up and regulatory costs. gg, Ultimate Poker That 50-60M might have been better spent lobbying for more states or federal - we need some liquidity!
  5. Meh we're getting 4.9-1 and I don't think he has 20% bluffs. I'd say his bluffing frequency is closer to 10% and likely lower I think IP he will bet his two pairs and sets the majority of the time on the turn. Villain: Zomg I have A3 and he could have a flush draw!!!
  6. Raise more pre-flop; we're going to be oop and we want to reduce the direct and implied odds we're offering and create more dead money when he limp calls and calls one bet or folds a lot of flops etc. On the flop I'd bet a little more; $1.25 would be my default here The turn is an auto-bet for me. Going for a c/r vs what is expected to be a passive player (playing small stakes and has been limping and calling a lot) is wishful FPS As played $3 would be right as we want him to call any ace he floated, he'll likely call with a K and of course the draws. Then the river should be
  7. Played online pokers in Las Vegas last week - software is pretty good and at 25nl and 50nl there are plenty of games and games are good. Lots of 25nl tables (full ring) that have 50% of players seeing the flop. Solid. Easy to sign up, deposit and withdraw. Hope more states keep regulating and compacting for bigger player pools.
  8. Many hedge funds and billionaires are long in casino stocks; mostly Caesars http://www.forbes.com/sites/nathanvardi/2014/01/06/the-biggest-bet-ever/ igaming is going to happen but Adelson is def a road block
  9. Heinecker also had a huge score winning the Guangdong Aisa Millions for $4MM+ ($125k buy in)
  10. I remember just 5 years ago bttech was crushing the mid stakes 6max games and everyone I knew in those games said he was gonna be a monster at higher stakes and for a long time
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