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  1. I wasn't expecting that.You left me in a very bad situation 18 months ago when i needed the money most. However it doesn't make me feel good to learn that you were broke and in debt for 18 months. You handled the situation the worst way possible but I am happy that eventually you accepted your mistake and took responsibility for it.I think you'd like to know that i am getting married and i need every penny i can get my hands on. I will see this as a wedding gift from you. Although it is technically my money but i am generous like that :)Well a lot of time passed to keep any hard feelings. I w
  2. OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111
  3. Oh okGalatasaray is 3.3 @Betfair and 2.70 @gamebookers so i think 3.00 would be fair. I can pay via FTP.
  4. Guys i don't know how this works but i want to bet on Galatasaray for tonight's european cup Panathinaikos v Galatasaray
  5. Anyways firstly I do appologise for rolling/stealing from you last year, obv I didn't mean to and tbh cost me far more than $500 in friendships and such so not denying that. Other thing im not denying is that i still owe $500 and i spoke to jcash (from fcp) that i would be paying you back this month. Thankfully I managed so sort out my life out and got backed myself for the last couple of months.My plan to pay you back:I get 'paid' every 2 weeks, litterally just got paid for the first time today and ian said you saw my message on p2p How about I send you back $200 this week, or today/tomorro
  6. I forgot , Sam mentioned he has been talking to a "jcash from FCP" about paying me back this month. Anyone know a Jcash here? If so can he post here and tell what he knows?
  7. No problem. Thanks anyway. I sent Sam an email saying i will send FTP so much information that probably they won't even feel the need to check the IP's and the login times. Which is true , i have transaction history , emails , PM's saved with Sam admitting multi accounting several times. I will add a personal email from Sam to me admitting and confessing everything he did.He still has a chance to pay up and save his two Fulltilt accounts and re-open his PTP account. People will probably say he is young and made a mistake but eventually made it right and they will probably forget his worthless
  8. Well i couldn't reach you on aim , i guess you are busy or AFK.I messaged Sam saying he has 6 hours starting now. If he doesn't pay up by then please tell everyone at PTP who he really is ; A lying piece of shit who steals from his friends.****Edit : I emailed PTP and they froze his account until he pays me.
  9. Oh hi there :)I was just asking Bdc if we knew anyone from PTP. I tried to register an account there but it says an admin will review and approve my account before i can post. I can see him online on PTP now but he isn't replying to me on msn or via email.I think i will give him one more day before taking action. If he doesn't contact me and give me a payment plan , i will have no choice.Thanks a lot tho , your connections in PTP are vital.
  10. Thanks for the good wishes guys.He didn't reply my last email yet but at least he unblocked me on msn. Appearently he wants to make a fresh start on another forum so paying up is his only chance to keep his clean image.
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