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  1. Wish I could learn to stop bluffcatching.$1/$2 Pot Limit Omaha Hi3 PlayersHand Conversion Powered by weaktight.comStacks:BTN ($654.55) SB ($79.25) Hero (BB) ($410.25) Pre-Flop: ($3, 3 players) Hero is BB BTN raises to $7, SB folds, Hero raises to $22, BTN calls $15Flop: ($45, 2 players)Hero checks, BTN bets $45, Hero calls $45Turn: ($135, 2 players)Hero checks, BTN bets $96, Hero calls $96River: ($327, 2 players)Hero checks, BTN bets $327, Hero goes all-in $247.25Final Pot: $901.25BTN shows (Full house queens full of sixes) :D :6dHero shows:ad :jdBTN wins $819.50 ( won +$329.50 )
  2. Sigh @ the PLO low content thread being replaced by BAW. FWIW I did see your last post in there, but it's put pressure on me to make my response worthwhile.1st hand, horrible turn card, but I probably bet/call. There are enough non-Qxxx hands in his range to make it worth shoving.2nd hand, I pot the turn and call a shove. At $25pl+ I'd really like your bet (at $5pl a pot bet will get called down very light - any FD or straight draw or two pair).As for the river, it's very read dependent. I think against an unknown I'd probably c/f because I don't think there are too many hands a random pla
  3. When it comes to PLO, this is massively true. I post PLO advice from probably around a 25/20 viewpoint and I actually play around 40/30.I also wouldn't generally make a post advising someone to isolate a fish with T6s from UTG+1 and then stack off for >200bb on an AKQ84 flush board.
  4. Oh, and another thing is that 200nl regs will balance their ranges and handread better than 50nl regs. This is generally going to be more of a fold at 50nl than at 200nl.
  5. I'd probably lean towards calling (at least a lot more readily than the other 4bb guys), but that's because one of the things you've neglected to mention is our image. If we are seen as LAG and tricky villain will play us differently to if we are a generic nitty reg villain.
  6. There's nothing wrong with 3betting wide OOP as long as you're comfortable with knowing how your opponent plays. 3betting wrap hands is awesome because flops are either hit or miss usually and pretty simple to play postflop, plus you can fire at Axx flops with a decent amount of fold equity.I actually 3bet ~12% out of the blinds, but I'm a lot more LAG than most (around 39/29).
  7. Here's an AWESOME combination of these two posts:$1/$2 No Limit Holdem6 playersConverted at weaktight.comStacks:UTG ($832.90)Hero (UTG+1) ($422.00)CO ($445.75)BTN ($248.00)SB ($169.06)BB ($348.75)Pre-flop: ($6, 6 players) Hero is UTG+1 UTG calls $2, Hero raises to $10, 4 folds, UTG calls $8Flop: ($29, 2 players)UTG bets $10, Hero raises to $32, UTG calls $22Turn: ($93, 2 players)UTG bets $36, Hero raises to $105, UTG calls $69River: ($303, 2 players)UTG checks, Hero bets $274.50, UTG calls $274.50Final Pot: $852UTG shows: :D Hero shows: UTG wins $845.50 ( won +$424 ) Hero lost
  8. FWIW this is the main reason I'm better at PLO than NLHE.My 'A' game NLHE is better than my 'A' game PLO, but I rarely drift into mindless button pushing with PLO. I don't pay people off in PLO because "I guess he could randomly be bluffing all three streets with complete air even though it makes no sense for him to do that". My 'B' and 'C' PLO games will still beat most games I play. My 'B' NL game might break me even, but my 'C' game will send me hurtling into bustoville at high speed.My C game quite often involves firing a full buyin on the river as a third barrel when I know villain is
  9. Either 20c or pot. Generally the smaller the pot size the bigger your bet should be, so in a limped pot 80-100% pot is usually good.If he raises you it's a perfect spot to 3bet shove. Your equity is very good against his range with 12 flush+straight outs, and potentially 3 more outs with the remaining aces if he has a hand like KQ. You are almost never in bad shape (usually around 50%), but if he has a worse flush draw he could be nearly dead.
  10. Usually donkbets fit into one of several categories:1) small donkbet = random weak trash, weak draw or monster. By raising you fold out the trash and get shoved on by the monsters. small donkbet/call is usually a draw or stubborn weak made hand.2) pot donkbet = middle pair/weak top pair, or very strong hand (fairly rare).3) normal sized donkbet = ??? Usually this is the kind of bet you get from a thinking player, and these are the tough ones to deal with.I'll raise a small donkbet from a bad player most of the time. I'll raise a full pot donkbet from a bad player a reasonable % of the
  11. It's not a raised pot so it's technically just a lead, not a donkbet. I think leading this flop is usually the right play in that hand. If it was raise preflop I'd probably prefer a c/r, but it would be close.As a general point I think people don't donkbet enough. I played this hand last night and I really like BB's line. His bet on this flop makes life really tough for most of my range.$1/$2 No Limit Holdem5 playersConverted at weaktight.comStacks:UTG ($300.55)Hero (CO) ($328.50)BTN ($224.40)SB ($132.60)BB ($309.10)Pre-flop: ($3, 5 players) Hero is CO : : 1 fold, Hero raises to $7,
  12. Ok then, make it racial abuse for example. Does it then make a difference how much they are paid? Should a 100k a week player shrug off racist abuse because he's rich whereas a £200 a week player can 'get away' with reacting?
  13. I know, I just can't help but imagine. You've kinda got me there because hating the ref is universal and there's no way he can respond. There's no way he can gloat about making a good decision, although that would potentially be hilarious. Technically that's incitement though, isn't it? You're calling one of them great banter, and the other is incitement but there's very little practical difference, other than how the fans respond to it. If those fans had got angry would he have been in trouble for inciting them?I know there's a difference between banter and anger, I just think that the lin
  14. You should really lead the flop or checkraise rather than check/calling.Just shove the river. Any hand he'll call $2 with he'll call $3.75 with.
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