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  1. RIP Phantom Dan. The E Street band will never be the same.http://www.comcast.net/music/articles/2008.../Obit.Federici/
  2. RIP Dr. Kroger. Who will help Monk with his problems now?http://www.comcast.net/entertainment/artic...9-bc12126850f4/
  3. New Sig. What do ya'll think?
  4. How I am currently feeling:
  5. lol, yeah, figured I'd bump a couple thread games people had forgotten about.
  6. Fool - Rollins BandThe ragamuffin gunner is returnin' home like a hungry runawayHe walks through town all alone--"He must be from the fort," he hears the high school girls sayHis countryside's burnin' with wolfman fairies dressed in drag for homicideThe hit-and-run plead sanctuary, 'neath a holy stone they hideThey're breakin' beams and crosses with a spastic's reelin' perfectionNuns run bald through Vatican halls, pregnant, pleadin' immaculate conceptionAnd everybody's wrecked on Main Street from drinking unholy bloodSticker smiles sweet as Gunner breathes deep, his ankles caked in mud
  7. gkunit20

    Mom Or Dad?

    Mother, do you think theyll drop the bomb?Mother, do you think theyll like this song?Mother, do you think theyll try to break my balls?Ooooowaa mother, should I build a wall?Mother, should I run for president?Mother, should I trust the government?Mother, will they put me in the firing line?Ooooowaa is it just a waste of time?Hush, my baby. baby, dont you cry.Mommas gonna make all of your nightmares come true.Mommas gonna put all of her fears into you.Mommas gonna keep you right here under her wing.She wont let you fly, but she might let you sing.Mommas gonna keep baby cozy and warm.Oooo babe.O
  8. lmao, that would totally be me. After posting, I thought of this:
  9. No, I've known him before hand. The general consensus on campus is that he's a creepazoid.
  10. Can I get methods for killing one's roommate and disposing the body with no one noticing?
  11. What about his scaly feet? His awkward-ness? AHHHH SOMEBODY KILL ME!!!!!!
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