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  1. Also update: Moved to Canada, working in tech, have a house, no longer married (thank ****ing jeebus).
  2. HangukMiguk

    The Hideout

    No, it's the gay stuff.
  3. HangukMiguk

    The Hideout

    Why can't I quit this place. I feel like I've asked this before.
  4. HangukMiguk

    The Hideout

    Well, update: Currently living in Korea, preparing to get divorced from my psychotic ex, and weighing my next steps. Playing hockey and SF5 in my free time. Actually probably at my happiest point since I was like 7.
  5. Will I get a copy of the Bluray of this with my signed copy of Stacked?
  6. HangukMiguk

    The Hideout

    God damn, sad that Chrozzo didn't make it to year ten. He had been silent on Facebook, and then I look to see he's gone tonight.
  7. HangukMiguk

    The Hideout

    Is there a top 10 list for this yet? I have to know.
  8. Stop talking like me, people are going to figure out that I'm your joke account.
  9. Just get a standalone rice cooker. 1.6 billion people can't be wrong.
  10. I need to borrow that for the day, I'mma have it back to you by the weekend.
  11. Napa: Melatonin would help. I've heard Magnesium + Zinc supplements will put you out easily, but I haven't tried it. A combination of the two may have people checking your pulse just to make sure.
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