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  1. DN is staking me in the WSOP ME this year at 60/40. Skyrocketing me back to the game. You're welcome.
  2. Hi everyone. I am also new to here. I like maths and poker, which is good because they go hand-and-hand. :) Does anyone have any advise as to what other games might involve maths that I may enjoi? I've thought about blackjack, but I'm afraid to be called a rasist. Also, does anyone know how to make close with girls? I am a virgin and there is a girl I met at my local donuts shoppe whom I would like to inseminate her body holes, but I do not know how to make talk with women. What should I say? Do women like maths? There is a total eclipse today. Stay safe.
  3. That's why he's a pro. *nods at DN respectfully for his forethought*
  4. Ref needed to let main event go unconscious. That stoppage left it unfinished.
  5. Yeah, that Bellator card wasn't bad.
  6. Naw. 1. Some of Mayweather's toughest moments were against unorthodox, weird style fighters. Also, lefties aren't easy for him. 2. He's only had 49 fights, many of which he was much younger, and he has been stunned. 3. McGregor, despite being far, far outclassed as a boxer, has all of the qualities that tick these boxes. 4. In a combat sport 219 times is a lot of times. Sooner or later Mayweather would duck or weave at just the wrong time and take one of McGregor's very powerful and very fast lefts coming from an odd angle, full on, and go to sleep. But if you want to bet me 219
  7. Yeah, I give the Irishman a 1/219 chance. I think if they fought 219 times without aging/changing he'd clip him unconscious one of those times.
  8. "Don't cast your pearls before swine", they said. Yet here I am.
  9. I drink and drink and drink not often but enough and still you fucking people i drink infrequently these days but when i do i drink still not enough to dumb me down ..................................................................................... which is the point to dumb me down enough to tolerate you god damn people
  10. Shut the fuck up, GOCUBS. Nobody cares about your trivial, 10,000th-hand brush with fame, you pathetic piece of shit. Just kidding. Or am I? Yeah. I am. I mean, it's true nobody gives a shit. But I was joking. Also, I banged Punky Brewster. And a Playmate. Not at the same time. In my teens. So I win. This is not a joke.
  11. Maia bored me his way to victory, but yeah, I want to see him get a title shot. Surprised by Page not being on that card myself.
  12. Wait. You're just now reaching this point? Welcome to 20 years ago.
  13. If by literally you mean not literally. Joe Anglim and Tyson Apostle are both around 6'2, Laura Morett is a female. Short, wiry dudes probably have an advantage, sure. But Big, powerful dudes have an advantage in comps with lifting stuff, and females have the advantage in comps with "bleed from the vagina" challenges (with the noted exception of Mitchell Olson). So it evens out.
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