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  1. Agreed, he needs to get back to his roots, topical humor. Who can forget 2007, when all we talked about was *checks notes* iceberg lettuce. But it was a poor showing this last one, no doubt about it.
  2. LMAO you went from almost confronting someone about their dental health like a psychopath to "actually it was bad lighting" and well I love it.
  3. Yeah Cobalt, get better nephews who don't get sick from Covid, you dope.
  4. Depressing to think that this dog is probably dead by now.
  5. Maybe you're so upset that you haven't had a David Foster Wallace book to jerk off to for a while. How about I send you one in the mail? Oh wait, I can't, because there is no new David Foster Wallace book, BECAUSE HE'S DEAD AND HAS BEEN FOR SOME TIME.
  6. Haha, he's saying what we're all thinking, that Brvy is, in all likelihood, a pedophile LMAO :)
  7. Hey OP, Why don't You tell us how you really feel! LMAO :)
  8. Bob please move this to the hockey forum. Blessings
  9. I had an open order that I meant to cancel and I accidentally bought it at $3 as well. Investing!
  10. I wonder if any demerits are coming my way.
  11. Here's my guess what he'll say: 1. Dildo from Dad (2011) 2. Dildo from Dad (2002) 3. Dildo from Dad (2004) 4. Dildo from Dad (2009) 5. Dildo from Dad (2011 - got two that year) 6. Dildo from Dad (2014) 7. Dildo from Dad (2007) 8. Dildo from Dad (2017) 9. Dildo from Dad (2006) 10. Dildo from Dad (1999)
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