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  1. and this useless f*cker calls ME a troll...nice to see you keep adding your valuable contributions to the hockey forum dickhead.
  2. wtf the score in the jays game is 15-10..in the goddamn sixth inning?!
  3. simply amazing. Can't think of anything else to say.
  4. can someone please duct-tape gill's stick in to his hands?!!?
  5. yeah, glad i wasn't the only one that thought that ^^^.anyone BUT lapierre draws a call there
  6. Montreal are the Pokerstars of hockey. No matter HOW good you get it in, the turn ALWAYS makes you sweat the river.
  7. hope the ref gives himself an assist there. GTFO the way idiot stick
  8. wonder if the friend's remote control is still in working order?!
  9. i love that the whinier Crosby gets, the less the refs care what happens to him
  10. usually I'm the first one to defend the refs but wow. just wow.best of 3 now baby...
  11. nice montage of blown calls there from cbc, jezuz christ refs.
  13. these refs are goddamn terrible.Hal Gill even takes a hand off his stick = holding. Pens guy behind the net bear hugs a guy? Play on boys.WTF
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