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  1. I can't wait to find out that it's Jonas or Mark.
  2. You're losing an extra 4k in chips when you take the line you do and gathering no extra information. That should probably be enough to detract from taking the c/r line. But you keep ignoring that fact. These guys have given you every example why its bad and why c/c is optimal. This is why so many of the people have grown increasingly frustrated with you because you fail to listen and see why the c/r line you suggest is just so lol bad. And youve contradicted yourself a few times as has been pointed out. Instead, you'd rather be condescending towards them because of how old they are and
  3. I understand you want to be able to make the easiest decision possible, fine. I've been guilty of that at times. But not every decision is going to be easy, but over time decisions will become easier when you learn to try and take the most optimal line. And the only way to learn is by listening to guys who have the results to show it. You say you don't care who these guys are and what they've done, if you or anyone else wants to learn then you probably should because that's one of the best ways to get better at this game.---------If you're going to c/r flop, then you might as well just jam
  4. Ok, I told myself I wasn't going to make a reply in here because I basically didn't want to get dragged into this. Aka, listen, I'm much older than these guys (donk, trueace, stupid and higway) siggggh. But I've learned a ton from these guys and other players their age. I've been able to check my ego at the door when I've discussed hands with these guys and because I've been able to do that I've listened more and learned even more about poker and hopefully have become a better player because of them. My results are not as good as these guys, maybe TrueAce , but I'm happy with everything I
  5. Remember when I said Rose was batshit crazy? Yeah, to hell with you all!!!
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