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  1. I'll ship the money to JC now. Good luck to all of you involved in this bet!
  2. JC Alvarado is the escrow. If you have any questions please PM ME or HOOSER! Thx!
  3. You have no idea what Hoosier and me talked about so far so why dont just just shut the **** up... We said that event 5 doesnt count and we said that YESTERDAY! It was Hoosiers idea to set up a contract and doing it tomorrow, not mine!! (He's playing in event 6 so he has no time to do it earlier...)
  4. Ehm,Hoosier and me agreed to have a written contract tomorrow. He will set up the contract, mail it to me and afterwards we will transfer the money. Since Hoosier and me are the main protagonists in this bet we decide what we do and when we do it You can send a PM to Hoosier with your bets, he will take care of it
  5. Hi there :)I said $9000 because I have $109k at Stars in my account, so I thought loosing $9k means $100k left. I love straight numbers When I saw that there are people who want to take this bet I raised it up because $9k looks kinda weird ^^
  6. Thank you ;=) But I answered your PMs. There must be a failure in the system, but I answered each PM you sent me (and I thought your rules were fine, so did Hoosier. So we used them for the contract)
  7. I almost waited for a comment like this...And you say I AM an idiot....
  8. I keep my word even though I was too rude in my first post. I was drunk (no excuse) after a soccer match and we lost ;-) I stick to the main points: 1. His books are useless 2. He's always talking about how strong he is but fails to show some results.I shouldn't have been so rude and aggressive, I apologize for that. I thougt I have to do this bet and even raised my bet from $9000 to $25000. Money is not the problem although I'm well aware that the probability of Daniel placing Top30 is higher than not placing top30. I love to gamble and I think this is a very interesting bet (I thought nobody
  9. That's no problem. I have no problem with seding my money first before you guys do so that you can see I'm serious ;-) Hoosier offered me 1.375:1 and I accepted. So thats how it goes: 25k from my money with 1.375:1. Contracts being written tomorrow and I will transfer my money to JC Alvarados account (FullTilt oder Stars) as soon as I read the contract.One last thing: If you guys win I'll send each of you one big box of your favourite muesli / cereals for free Dont miss this chance, hahaha....
  10. Hoosier and me accepted the details and he talked to Alvarado, he will be the escrow. We will be transfering $ tomorrow so that you guys have enough time to join our bet. Just let Hoosier know (because his english is better, easier to get things started ). My bet is 25k.
  11. Here is a first idea on how the details could be like:1) You win if Negreanu finishes top 30 or better in any of the WSOP events save the 50k buy in HORSE event. I win if Negreanu fails to finish better than 31 in all events. (odds 1.25:1 in my favour.)2) The bet is void if the winner hasn't put money in escrow once an escrow is determined, however, should Negreanu finish 30 or better before an escrow is determined, the bet is NOT void.3) Payment will be made from escrow immediately after a winner is determined, meaning, as soon as Negreanu finishes 30 or better in a tournament, payment will b
  12. I already answered. Your idea about Alvarado sounds great. Got another 20k bet on this. Ehm I think considering the interest in this bet I'm going to raise my bet to 25k (1.5:1). Details after personal contact (PM).Good night(maybe 25k is enough to get daniel interested as well
  13. Thank you very much...hehehe...By the way: My company sells cereals which you can mix and order in the internet. You can create your own "müsli" with all the things you like (dont know the english word; cereals is not the right word, I Think). I guess thats pretty clever, isnt it Enough of this now. I go to sleep, its past midnight here. I wont answer anymore in this thread. Please PM me with your bets, contact information and details so we can talk about that. gn8
  14. his books suck! He is just trying to profit from the worldwide pokerboom.... Cmon: Did you read "Holdem Wisdom for all Players"... well I did and its horrible....But back to the bets: There's a 30k bet going on already and I take 1.5:1. So from now on please PM me, I wont mention names in this thread. PM me with contact information, your bet and your odds! One last thing: You dont know me and I dont know you. I am not a pro poker player. I play in the highstakes at Pokerstars, but I'm not a constant winner. I run my own company and I got a lot of money. I'm a gambler and I bet on many things.
  15. 10k is my maximum. I assume to send me or HoosierAlum your bets to make a list. We have 4 guys already willing to bet on this.
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