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  1. Seems right to me. Supply-demand. 2 post season home games in 6 yrs...surprised it isn't higher
  2. OMG that's soooo awesome. LOL. Totally stealing that.
  3. ACOP Main Event MEGA Satellite (5 packages guaranteed) today Sunday, Oct 6 at 1:16pm EST. Each package worth USD $15k+ PokerStars tourney #792640927
  4. ACOP Twitter Contest - Win US$5000 package to the ACOP! Take 10secs to tweet a nickname for the 'ACOP Title Event' trophies and hashtag #ACOPcontest Best name by October 3 deadline wins! LINK: http://www.pokerstarsblog.com/pokerstars_macau/2013/acop-twitter-contest---win-a-free-packag-141917.html
  5. I actually just bought a place myself and have been watching the real estate market soar through the roof over the last 5 years. The government has instituted several barriers to make it more difficult for foreign investment due to the ridiculous growth. That's barely slowed down sale prices (only transactions) but as a result the rental prices are now increasing dramatically. With that being said, it's nowhere near as bad as HK. It's just massive growth relative to where Macau was previously. I would say you are paying approximately twice as much per square foot in HK than you are in
  6. The 2013 Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) runs from Oct 18 to Nov 3. Held at the 'PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams' poker room, the Main Event is 100k HKD (13k USD) and has a HKD $20 million guarantee (US $2.6m). Here are some highlights on the 17-day schedule (in HKD): FRIDAY, 18 October 7:00 pm: $2,500 REBUY CHAMPIONSHIP* ($500,000 Guarantee) [2-day event] SATURDAY, 19 October 6:00 pm: $11,000 DEEPSTACK CHAMPIONSHIP* ($1,000,000 Guarantee) [3-day event] MONDAY, 21 October 6:00 pm: $11,000 6-MAX CHAMPIONSHIP* [2-day event] WEDNESDAY, 23 October 6:00 pm: $25,0
  7. You are missing out on some of the best ever made-for-men TV. Well, season 1-5 anyhow. I don't know if Seasons 6-8 were necessarily "bad" or just relatively bad. But the first five seasons are absolute gold. Run, don't walk, and watch it!
  8. So you're saying the last episode is going to involve a reincarnation storyline
  9. haha...I'm actually pretty good with compartmentalization. I've done this long enough that I don't really root for anyone, I just root for great stories more than anything. With that being said, when I step out of work mode THEN it really hits me. Link to latest update: http://www.pokerstarsblog.com/pokerstars_macau/2013/more-than-50-people-signed-up-for-130000-137782.html
  10. $5200 PokerStars Satellite to GDAM is this Sunday, May 26 -- tourney #727632888. Feeders running everyday. Already 50+ players confirmed with still 2-weeks to go. Confirmed so far are Gus Hansen, Erik Seidel, and World Champions Greg Merson (2012) and Jonathan Duhamel (2010). Duhamel will be joined by fellow Team PokerStars members Isaac Haxton and Celina Lin. Other notables confirmed include Americans John Juanda, Joseph Cheong and Tony Gregg; Canada's Mike Watson; Russia's Yevgeniy Timoshenko and Igor Kurganov; Germany's Tobias Reinkemeier; Australia's Aaron Lim; Mexico's JC
  11. Thanks Bob, obviously the GDAM is going to be a HUGE poker event. Pretty exciting over here in the Far East to run something that isn't just 'big for Asia' but BIG period. FYI -- the PS online satellites (for those who don't have a loose US $130k kicking around) -- are under the not-that-well known 'Events' tab, then 'PSLive' then 'Macau' http://www.pokerstarsblog.com/pokerstars_macau/2013/win-your-seat-to-the-guangdong-asia-mill-133402.html
  12. Actually, I've always like the Fallsview poker room. But I haven't been back there for 4 years since moving to Macau so maybe it's changed? Games were good anyhow.
  13. The Lakers are a hell of a team this year but if you remember the Malone+Payton experiment it doesn't always work out the way you think. I agreed with an assessment from ESPN that said Lakers are probably most likely team to beat the Heat. However, OKC matches up better against LA than they do against the Heat. Bit of a paper, rocks, scissors thing going. Dwight and Gasol is going to kill Bosh + <not very good big> but won't dominate Ibaka, Perkins, Collison the same way
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