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  1. ok. now that was me being a prick
  2. i've sent him an invitation. hopefully he joins us.
  3. who trains comedians? besides, i'm no comedian. just a guy who's managed to scrape a living off his wit. i'm fully aware that essay will be around for a long time as troglodytes do not suffer the wear and tear from exposure to the elements. his comment "i must have been busy that day" wasn't as self-effacing as you're presenting it, either. my comment "i've had my moments" was self-effacing. his was a poor attempt at a pile on.
  4. i just popped in to see what was going on in the old thread, saw a discussion about Swingers, thought it sounded interesting, and decided to join in he's depressed? cool. novel. he's untouchable because he's pathetic? um...no, i think he can still get bodied.
  5. how am i a prick? tell me so i can better myself
  6. then why spend it attacking me? no need for you to skid on your face all the way to the finish line
  7. ooh, that's what you went with? hate to see the drafts on that one. meanwhile, you're so determined to own me, and i'm impressed by your persistence in the face of repeated failure. hell i'm almost rooting for you to one day finally do it.
  8. yeah comedy's not really my thing
  9. really good point you failed to make there
  10. Swingers is a great movie about transformation and how you have to completely let go of the comforts of your past before you can move forward. Also, the scene with Jon Favreau leaving the multiple voicemails is one of the best comedic moments in 90s film history, and it's been aped multiple times since then.
  11. as if you guys aren't miserable 100% of the time
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