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  1. Interesting fact....JP Morgan protested the building of the statue of liberty, cause he feared the idea of liberty would cause unrest among the nations underclass,or untermenschen, if you prefer. Cheers to fellow chase acct holders.
  2. Evidently the presumption of innocence needs to be rethought. At least when blacks are the victim.
  3. 50 young blacks are killed on a typical weekend in chicago by other blacks. and this country is fixated on zimmerman.
  4. Gays have just as much right to have their particular liasons codified and blessed by the man as any one else. They have just as much right to hire expensive divorce lawyers as me. So, press on you naive clowns, and see just how much things change after your relationship is made legal.
  5. And you mock me. Listen idiot, nonoe is arguing it leads to gun violence,Edit
  6. Why do you constantly engage without; shi t nevermind, go fuc k yourself
  7. When a druggie commits burglary to support his habit, hes not going to jail cause hes a druggie.
  8. There is virtue in varying degrees in all forms of govt.
  9. I sorta made this point, but my elocution and comedic timing is not too good, so thx for clarifying.
  10. I think a comparison in wat constitutes poverty in china vis a vis the US or even canada is wats needed here. In the US if your cable only gets 1 premium channel, and your cell phone is limited to a thousand monthly minutes, you are in poverty.
  11. A little tongue in cheek maybe? To get a rise out of the lbs.?
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