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  1. Showing up on a busy day without calling ahead will virtually guarantee the longest possible time on the wait list.
  2. Time & day of the week matter as well. A Saturday night game will have more casual players / non-regulars in the smaller stakes game than an afternoon game mid-week. Make sure to call at least 1 hour in advance during the heavy traffic days.2-5 nlhe is the cut off imo
  3. Thanks for this post... You mentioned having realistic expectations, which is something I didn't have. I played in one of those Rio deepstack events at the WSOP this june and took a deal worth over 13k. Since then I've lost heavily due to complacency. When I had 10k I should have focused on Live 2-5, something that would have stimulated my critical thinking. Instead I played 1-2 like the swings didnt mean anything and pretty much donked off a decent chunk, meanwhile spending a lot of money. Had I set a few goals... mainly become a winning player at 2-5 and supplement my income with the profit,
  4. Thanks again for the responses!I think limiting the buyin's during the periods when i'm the most prone to tilt, as well as actually quitting a game when I know I can't play my best is key. I think the bottom line is if I can't display enough discipline and will to leave a game when I need to, then I won't be able to be a winning player. It may help to consider it a personal challenge, similar to the monthly challenge threads. Knowing people have had similar experiences and dealt with it is a relief... I just have to execute the advice
  5. That seems to be the key... the ability or in my case inability to stop playing when I know I'm headed for full blown tilt. Now did you find it easier to quit a game after first time?And thanks for commenting!ps I don't play online, so it isn't like you guys will be "losing a customer" by providing advice
  6. A tl;dr version - I build a roll then when the inevitable downswing hits, I can not play through it. Handling a losing session or two is not an issue, even particularly brutal ones. When it is the prolong streak it becomes a problem. Seems like I get an intense rage as soon as I lose a hand in these cases and the ONLY way I can play well is if I get saved by a heater. I play horribly until that happens. If it happens. =/My question is that if these form of rage/tilt can ultimately be overcome... or do I just need to stop playing? Anyone have tilt issues (perhaps not as extreme as this) and h
  7. I'd like to get rakeback so I would have to make the initial deposit, but I'd be up for transactions like this in the future. Does Cake automatically withdraw to your ewallet option or can you request a check?
  8. I have a Walmart MoneyCard and wanted to know if I could use it to deposit on Cake. If not what are the alternatives? According to my vague recollection of a topic posted here a while ago, NetSpend is no longer an option. Correct me if I'm wrong.Thanks in advance = )
  9. Which is why I find amusement in going to the 1-2 game and raising 75%+ of the my hands during the "senior circuit" hours. Call it nutbarring if you will
  10. in an attempt to avoid the hijacking of your thread i'll make this brief-- I made the comment in jest & assumed you'd pick up on it... even left a (Sarcasm Warning) at the end. Sorry if you took offense. As for the hand, you're getting a good price PF. C/C the flop to keep his bluffs in. Assuming you have a HUD (and this is where im clueless as a LOLive player), use his post flop aggro stat or W/E to make the best choice.i wonder if you're better off just 4betting pre rather than winding up in a gross spot like this. ..
  11. for now on, im disregarding further nlhe strat advice from you(sw- fold pre/thread )
  12. He had the option to 3-bet the initial raiser, so I rule out him having AK... assuming that he would usually 3-bet in that spot. Hope this clarifies my statement.
  13. That is true, most of the players don't bother balancing their hands... even the more observant ones.I bet 235, he shoved.Villain had AQ for top two and my hand never improved... in part that the initial raiser preflop had the other two kings. I bet because I thought his range was heavily leaning towards small/med pairs for set value. AK he 3-bets preflop. I just wasn't sure if he would call with AQ or worse preflop. It seemed unlikely so I decided to "protect" the equity I had with my Kings/NFD which figured to be good against his range. If he ships, I'm getting more than the right price to
  14. Yep, that's right. There are two players all-in with the villian being the only 1 left to give action.What do you guys think his range is here? If he was set- mining there's really 1 hand that got. What about big aces? I this is a pretty narrow range, since we'll assume he'd 3-Bet AK pf. Also what action best balances air w/ the top of our range? In this situation vs this villian i think betting ~ 1/2 pot accomplishes the same thing as a shove. And despite having 11 outs, i'd hate having to call a PSB or shove.
  15. relevant stack sizes-Villian - ~ 700hero coversPreflop-Mp raises to 20, villain calls, LP calls,Hero SB (kckd) Raises to 120, Mp calls for less, Villain calls, LP calls for lessFlop -(~470)Ad Qd 2dHero?My 3bet range from the sb is pretty wide. Villian is on the nittier side, he's a bit looser preflop but will usually play his monsters post flop in a straight forward manner. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.Thanks
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