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  1. Most of my hunting is done in the wild. It helps my friend owns a pawn shop because he calls me whenever someone comes in with older video games. Graigslist has also been pretty good. Ebay is fun to look but prices get up there...sometimes I got a few games buy it now when it was newly listed. THanks for the links!
  2. Any good pick ups lately. Since I started when this topic was created I'm up over 400 games. My most recent pick up was tetris and dr Mario unopened. mega man 6 and Final Fantasy in box and carts still in the plastic. This was part of a package someone was selling on craigslist. It included 18 other games and a nes top loader and snes for $50. I still haven't picked up an ultra ultra rare game. Best pick up still is TMNT Tournament for $5.
  3. Can't find Mastercard all access cards. Boooo why can't anyone accept paypal? lol better luck next year
  4. Thanks again...watching you play your tournys....gl.
  5. Bleeh...thanks for the stake..I believe you saw the last hand 99 vs kk. The player to my left went all in I knew I was in trouble since he was playing pretty tight. I was pretty much card dead the whole tourny and couldn't really do much towards the end. Sorry I couldn't win you any cash.
  6. Robk891 (New Britain) I can playall day
  7. If you could have any pro's "luck" whose would it be? I would choose Durr and his skill also.
  8. Any good pick ups? I'm not up to about 500 games. Nothing crazy rare though. I also started with atari and I got the sega master system.
  9. I want in! Can someone trade 150absolute money for ps money?ohh no am I breaking a rule...
  10. Where the *&@$^^@&$^ do you live? I need to get there.
  11. I mean stocks below a dollar..even below a penny.
  12. ANyone follow any penny stocks. I just started to look at some interesting ones.
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