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  1. 3rd for 1391.47 not bad roi for 2.20. Thanks for the rail all!!!
  2. 2/5 now thanks for the rail help :-)
  3. Sitting 5/9 tourney 337010486... hoping for some run good.
  4. This^^^^I love the Raiders but am realistic in that they are not going to win until Al Davis dies - or leaves the coach alone to work with his team. I even named my Fantasy Football team "Al Davis Must Die" for the second year in a row.Hoping to see Colt Brennan get some playing time. He was part of the UH's most successful team.
  5. Sorry man all done.... Good luck to you!
  6. No problem - Thanks for running for me! Good luck out there!
  7. Thanks for running - good luck on the felts!
  8. Thanks for running Carlito78 good luck with the promotion at work!!! Good luck on the felt.
  9. Shipped you the last 2.20 good luck post tourney # any impt hands - Good Luck!
  10. Haven't seen you in a while - shipping 2.20 - please post tourney # and any important handsGood Luck!!
  11. Shipped 4.40 - please post tourney # and any important handsGood Luck!!
  12. Shipped 4.40 - please post tourney # and any important handsGood Luck!!
  13. Giving back to the community in order to try to change my luck.Stars stakes - 50/50 nsbTwo 4.40 stakes Two 2.20 stakesPost s/n and city....
  14. NFL Preseason Starts on August 12.... too bad Al Davis is still alive thus preventing the Raiders from any hope of a winning season.
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