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  1. The real poker clubs are illegal there. Underground are common and they play pretty big, huge from sometimes. I'm not a fan though, the police occasionally raid those places and take everything.I think Casino Life has some poker there with the electronic tables. They hosted a tourney there with pokerstars not too long ago. Anyway. Glad you're enjoying Mexico though. It's a really cool city, people usually won't think of going just because of the news and shit. It's somewhat dangerous in the same way a city like LA or NY is dangerous + kidnapping risk if you're rich and like to show i
  2. I was thinking of putting in a bunch of hands at 5/10 for a couple weeks since I haven't really played much cash in the past month....this would make it easier to get those hands in. But I think I'd only do it after scoop, possibly, if you're interested. lmk.
  3. it worked like 40-50 more followers. And I won a ton so double win for me!
  4. man I was hoping he'd posted a HH or something
  5. Hey guys...aside from the small transfer issues I've gotten most of the money, thanks! GG everyone that played. Convince Stars to make this a weekly thing and we can get these sweats going every week GL!
  6. Hey guys, just to clarify because it wasn't too clear. In the OP, when I wrote "50% of the profits". I meant we split 50% of the profit, so it was a stake back deal. GL to everyone
  7. sigh..ran pretty shitty. Then ran a bluff vs a guy who won't fold. Who's still in?
  8. Lost AA to 55 aipf...woulda put me at 80k. Next hand I get a tank fold when I had JJ. 40k....time for some run good guys!
  9. I think limping pre is a mistake in mtt's..almost always. Much rather min raise. The approach I'm taking ATM is pretty loose pre, 3 bets with decent hands in position. Passive post flop to avoid the weird call downs from these guys..
  10. btw, this field is so LOL...I keep accidentally "misplaying" my hands vs the minbet/call minbet/call minbet line.
  11. GL Everyone! GOGOGOGOGO! :icon_danceOh yea, and please....SHIP THE MOTHER****ING BOOMSAUCE!
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