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  1. Yeah really! Some people need to look up from their computer screen and realize the world is more than furtive trips to 7-11 and triple dead bolts on the door.This is my first visit to Mexico City and granted I'm staying in the Santa Fe district which I understand is one of the nicer ones but I have to say I've been very impressed with the city, the people and the security. There are security and police visible all over the place, shiny new office buildings with pretty spectacular architecture, expensive cars and great restaurants. It's also pretty reasonable compared to other large cities tho
  2. Thanks. I will check out the hippodromo.In a city of 25 million you'd think it'd be possible to find a game.
  3. I'm here all week and just found out I have a free night. I'm staying in Santa Fe district and can't find info on casinos anywhere. Anyone know any place to play?
  4. TJ Cloutier was involved in this one. It's a story in one of his books. As I recall he was on the winning end.
  5. Very nice. My car doubles in value when I do that!On another note any sign of the WSOP pool prizes. I had planned to give the hat to a buddy for his birthday on Sept. 28th. I'm not being cheap but he's a big fan of the game and it's something you can't get in stores.
  6. Fair enough. I imagine that throught the course of 50B hands on stars there's been someone who's lost a 6 figure sum to a runner runner perfect situation.Of course your game could have been 4k/8K blinds in which case you're probably the winner!
  7. I saw a guy with 8 9 diamonds with a 10 j q diamonds flop lose to AK diamonds.
  8. Seems to be a lot of overlays. Are the numbers down from years past or did they up the guaranteed prize pool.Anybody know what the total dollar value of the overlays has been?
  9. Good advice Bob. I played 5 of these (280FPP though but I think its the tourneys you were talking about). Total investment of 1400 FPP - scored 3 tourney tickets which cashed out to $33 T$
  10. Just checked my files (I keep track of everything) and the hat actually dates from June 2006. Size large please for my swelled head.
  11. My last FCP hat is on life support. I think it dates back to 2007 and has been washed a few times.Looking forward to the new one!
  12. Anyone know roughly how long this one lasts? I've got a meeting at 3 that I can't miss and I'd hate to have to walk away from the tourney.
  13. Anyone know. And by early I mean getting up early not go to bed late type of early. 7am would be perfect. Allvegaspoker says the TI has one at 7am but the hotel doesn't list it.Thanks all
  14. Yeah we'll each have a car. She really just hates walking a mile from the lobby to the room and she really hates the casino. (I know - why is she coming. Let's just say she's not adverse to the topless pools. Benefits of the third wife you know)
  15. I'm heading down to Vegas from June 7-14 - partly for a tradeshow (high end video gear) and partly for the world series. The missus is coming too and she's not really a big hotel type of person. I've convinced her to stay at the Rio for the first few days but she wants to move to a boutique hotel for the last four or five days.She found a place called the Artisan Hotel. From tripadvisor she found the reviews to be all over the place. Some proclaimed it the best little hotel in town - some called it the worst. Has anyone been there? From the price I am really skeptical ($20 a night) but the pho
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