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  1. This happened today in a tourney I was in at the borgata and had the whole table talking. Was curious what ya'll think the proper ruling is. Seat 3 is the big blind . It folds to seat 8 who announces a raise to 4500 and throws a 5k chip out. Folds to the big blind who asks the dealer what the raise is to. The dealer mistakenly tells him 3500. He says call and throws 3500 out. Seat 8 informs him he bet 4500 . Seat 3 says If he knew the bet was 4500 he wouldn't have called. They call the floor over who says its dealer error and they allow seat 3 to rescind his call, take his 3500 back a
  2. HJ is new to the table, I've only seen 7 or 8 hands. Had raised once and everyone folded, and raised once and the sb shoved and he folded.
  3. 35 left. Button was not good, and was shoving with a really wide range a ton. He had been fluctuating between 20k and 5k the last hour.beware the feral cow packs. they hunger.PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em ($20+$2) t150/t300 ante t25 - 8 playersUTG+1: t8,645 MP: t17,120 HJ: t12,464 CO: t9,033 Button: t4,495 SB: t7,584 BB: t3,455 (Hero)UTG: t3,897 Preflop: (t650) Hero is BB with (8 players)UTG calls t300, 2 folds, HJ raises to t1200, CO folds, Button raises to t4470 and is all-in, SB folds, Hero ????
  4. Deep in the 4 max 45 left. Been playing with utg for over 3 hours, he played tight poker for the most part.beware the feral cow packs. they hunger.PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em ($4.00+$0.40) t1000/t2000 ante t250 - 4 playersBB: t88,282 UTG: t121,940 Button: t102,922 (Hero)SB: t75,484 Preflop: (t4,000) Hero is Button with (4 players)UTG raises to t4000, Hero calls t4000, SB folds, BB calls t2000Flop: (t14,000) (3 players)BB checks, UTG checks, Hero bets t12000, BB raises to t84032 and is all-in, Thoughts?
  5. Ok, I understand it was a poor call pre. But once we get to flop and board can someone elaborate on why a smaller turn bet is the best line? On the turn there the pot has 3500. Whats the appropriate turn bet and why? P.s thank you for all the input so far
  6. I had been at this table for maybe 40 minutes and had yet to see this guy get involved in anything significant. What're your thoughts on the line here? And what range do we give our opponent here? This converter is going to be a cash cow...PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em ($10+$1) t125/t250 ante t25 - 9 playersMP: t2,964 MP2: t11,035 HJ: t12,732 CO: t8,086 Button: t3,512 SB: t13,845 (Hero)BB: t2,294 UTG: t9,487 UTG+1: t6,656 Preflop: (t600) Hero is SB with (9 players)UTG raises to t500, 6 folds, Hero calls t375, BB foldsFlop: (t1,475) (2 players)Hero checks, UTG bets t250, Hero raises to t1
  7. Does this include tiebreakers or did not everyone give that to you? Also, thanks so much for doing this
  8. Thats very good and well thought out advice donk4life. It seems rare on this site nowadays to get great stuff like this which was the whole reason I started reading FCP every day, so thank you
  9. It was a new table, literally the third hand I had played. I hadn't thought of AK because I think he reraises the flop with that. I thought more along a set of 55's, Q 10, JK, or A5. Also, do we hate the teaser bet on the river? Maybe if I bet pot sized and he shoves I get more information?? I hated this spot!
  10. Your converted hand, now with more cowbell.PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em ($10+$1) t75/t150 - 9 playersUTG jm1118: t7,075 UTG+1 Hero: t9,755 MP Jeannis: t16,040 MP2 toastprime: t7,695 HJ jay2623: t14,665 CO Alexandre074: t10,775 Button #1DEWds: t4,475 SB 0_-TiLTeD-_0: t11,750 BB joebigbear: t9,610 Preflop: (t225) Hero is UTG+1 with (9 players)jm1118 folds, Hero raises to t450, 2 folds, jay2623 calls t450, 4 foldsFlop: (t1,125) (2 players)Hero bets t600, jay2623 calls t600Turn: (t2,325) (2 players)Hero checks, jay2623 checksRiver: (t2,325) (2 players)Hero bets t1200, jay2623 raises to t136
  11. I deposit using Western Union, I find it easiest of all the U.S. options, def look into that.
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