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  1. i totally agree and actually took a bit to restrain from commenting so far. gonna kinda wait and get a reaction from the actual paper that more ppl will see. I didnt wanna immed. turn it into a e-fight. But you said it best for sure. The ignorance there is pretty unreal.
  2. It took almost 6 weeks after mailing my letter in but was finally published on the website as well in our state newspaper.http://www.sj-r.com/letters/x724668283/Let...-poker-decision
  3. Durrrr put a great post on the townhall wall for Pres. Obama today. He wants ppl to rewtweet share and like... http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?stor...122119071195720
  4. Congrats man on Winning da jersey!http://www.pocketfives.com/online-poker-sc...-titles-5441381
  5. n 4 sho for the 4.40 and just talked to drew0586 says he is down as well
  6. do u have FTP poker acct? SN/ first letter of town?reedit ok
  7. edited again back to 2 spots remaining sending out the $$ in about 1 hour
  8. govikes- i cant find anything under the name u listed...?
  9. will send $$ in about 2 hours when i am home still 2 spots open until that point
  10. Takin tonight off but would like to offer some stakes. Would like 400+ posts but as usual give or take a few posts i am sure. Post SN and first letter of town for FTP. 50/50 nsbI will figure this out and either send $$ on lunch or shortly after work and you can play anytime tonight. If i forgot something let me know and i will edit, been a while since I have done this. Please post why u should be chosen i guess.Two $11 45 mans1.savagerebel2.go vikesFour $5.50 45 mans1.delved2.0511033.herley4.spydr Sent the money just post tourney #'s in this thread maybe get some railers and just for record
  11. Not enough posts but would like to opportunity still. talked to beaver who may remember me well enough to vouch for me but idk. Nvrquit29 is another guy i have talked to more recently who would do the same i believe. I have done some stakign on this site as well on a smaller scale but would like the chance to run for ya. http://www.officialpokerrankings.com/poker...7A63BF.html?t=2
  12. http://www.pokerstars.tv/channels/TPI/live.html
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