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  1. we need more boomplayer hands rose
  2. points, so unless you put up record numbers, then yeah you're out.
  3. sigh 4th seed gonna come down to kobe and me again. so scared
  4. That 3-bet size is stupid, I think I'm leaning towards fold but I don't have any real reason why. Even if he his fairly active I don't think he's getting out of line with a 3bet size that large with his remaining stack. So you're basically hoping to flip.
  5. lol that trade better not ****ing get upheld, that is bullshit.
  6. Everyone talking about Wiggins, Perry Ellis is going to be the heart and soul of this team. He came around late last year and he's going to be a beast this year.
  7. college basketball erections in november is always a nice thing
  8. Nobody is surprised at it; that doesn't mean we can't still think of the guy as a douchebag.
  9. It's not just that comment, he has a terrible attitude and will be a terrible ambassador. Looshle posted a story about how big of a dickbag he is and others have said the same. Hope he goes broke.
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