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  1. Sorry, some more info, about 35 players left in tourney, paying top 8. Avg chips is about 65k. I have four or five stacks over 100k at my table, so other tables are probably very short (not that it necessarily matters).
  2. Live mtt, 30 minute levels My image had been super tight but about 15 minutes before forced to show A4 suited calling an all in after a cutoff raise, people acted surprised. I had 3-bet pre 3 times in two hours, once showing aces others no showdown. Small blind fairly active player, taking advantage of his old guy persona by opening light. My stack 107k, villain 75k Blinds 500/2000/4000 I open to 10,500 in MP2 with 99 Folds to small blind who raises to 30k Pros and cons of folding, flattng and jamming?
  3. Lol I love two people commenting that the hand seems fake, you gotta love the Hustler Casino in Los Angeles! I will try to post more interesting hands, honestly just trying to get better, point of this post was how to interpret table talk
  4. No problem, thank you for the input. For a while I was playing way too many hands in early in middle positions due to the propensity of weak players stacking off making "sheriff calls" with middle pair, top pair weak kicker, etc. Been valuing position a lot more lately with good results. (this hand was a couple months ago) What about playing suited aces in middle position, or suited kings in CO, button with 3-6 limpers ahead and little fear of blinds 3-betting?I did fold and villian showed 5-6 off for a straight draw, just trying to reinforce my decision and not be results-oriented. I was
  5. I wasn't UTG, I was third to act after two folds. The game was INCREDIBLY weak, with literally no one 3-betting pre-flop. I got a little bored, I agree K4 suited is -EV in middle position. I don't lose to any ace or any heart, I lose to two pair with an ace, or a straight or a flush, unless you meant the other card besides the one he showed, in which case I apologize. Maybe not the most interesting hand, I apologize, just trying to get better and figure out what the usual meaning of showing a card, show you if I fold type stuff is.
  6. Sorry for the format, I copied and pasted from an email. 1 - 2 No Limit My stack = $400, no one at table has less than $80, most people between 100-200 UTG and MP 1 fold Hero raises to $5 with Kd 4d I don't really have a problem with this raise though it may be slightly -EV. My table was especially weak and I have strong reads on everyone except a new guy in the SB who just sat down. I also have a good image, having only shown down premium hands. No one had been 3-betting preflop and I figured to get 3-5 callers. I'd make this raise about 20% of the time, call around 20%, and fold a
  7. Good points all, I'm not sure why I even posted this hand, as the more I think about it it's not all that interesting. The other only thing I could think of at the time was calling the flop, donking the turn all in on a blank and c/shoving a diamond, but it seems like more of a tournament line and it runs the risk of me possibly not getting paid off. Also not that many great bluff cards in the deck I don't think. Does my FE increase significantly on the turn? I did shove on the flop, both Seats 4 and 6 call.Turn Qh (thought it was a diamond and nearly lost it)Seat 4 goes all in for ~$100,
  8. I definitely had the same thought, and called. Seat 4 then decides to raise to $80. Seat 6 called, everyone else folded to mePot = $256Stack = $166Now do I call and c/f a blank turn if I am not getting 4 to 1? Based on my knowledge of seat 4 his bet will be all in on the turn if I call flop check a non diamond turn. Do I have any FE by shoving? Maybe a bare ace folds? These guys are not thinking about pot odds, but will they see a raise of basically $100 as strong enough to fold an ace?
  9. 1 -2 No Limit 10 handed at Harrah's New Orleans on an early Friday evening. Good times. Seat 4 (UTG) is a drunk entertaining guy, playing 90% of hands, showing me most every hand he is playing when I am not in the pot, bluffing with small 3 barrels, calling down lite, won a few big pots early and is sitting on about $350.Seat 6 is a CAG, (crazy Asian guy) who doesn't seem to know what he is doing, takes 30 sec-1 min for every decision, which is always a call or fold. No info on Seat 8, got check raised on the turn on a dry board three hands prior and laughed and folded, seemingly bluffing.
  10. This was an auction, no? Did you feel like you got good value for anyone in particular? Any info on the other teams in your league? Snake drafts are simply nowhere near as fun or challenging as auctions, but there's nothing worse than getting stuck with a player you were just trying to bid up!
  11. How much, if at all, different is online BR theory from live? The low limit live games are SUPER soft, a bit swingy but not too bad. Anyone make a good profit live?
  12. The 25 BB's rule was a tilt-proofing if you will. As was the 10 minute break every 90 minutes. Could be changed, but I'm gonna stick with it for a while.
  13. A little background: I'm a 28 year high school teacher and coach who grew up playing poker recreationally, was intrigued by casino poker after moving out to LA from Boston after college, read Harrington, found 2+2 and FCP, and started playing about two or three times a month about four years ago. Yes I am an English teacher and realize what a mess of a run-on sentence that was. Two years ago read SSHE, and obviously felt much more comfortable, still didn't keep stats, but was definitely a winning player. I know, I know, there's no way to know for sure, but I know. I'd pick up a couple hu
  14. Could be wrong but wouldn't overcalls be more desirable here? A slew of checks often brings a pot steal attempt, and how worried are we about someone improving? Again, I could be wrong.
  15. Yes QJs.My thoughts were in line with you guys, though he ends up losing the same no matter what. He 3-bets turn I c/r river, though I suppose he could lose 4 bets on turn? Doubtful. Also, calling QJs OOP in SB against loose CO raise? Too light?
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