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  1. That is just ridiculous. M Cab should not get the MVP dependent on what some other does in one of the three categories. He should get it if he wins the triple crown, but not if Hamilton hits a few more homers or Trout gets a few more singles.
  2. I've run nto this ammo shortage too, for my .40 and .38/.357. Walmart has absolutely nothing and the local gun store has a sign on the door letting us know they have virtually no ammo. Why is this?
  3. How long is gasoline good for? 6 months without a stabilizer?
  4. I am a Us American. Tired of waitin' for Full Tilt to release my money. What sites are available to me?
  5. I haven't laughed that much at a TV show, as I did when he was dealing with that doll, in a long time.
  6. I have saved a lot of money since Black Friday. Yay DOJ?
  7. If I saw this in my house, I would never come back.
  8. I love this one with a salted rim.
  9. I think that there will be another shoe drop for this McCourt feller.
  10. Halos looking real good during ST thus far. Morales playing games, running bases.Best rotation in baseball 1 through 4Pujols and Morales. Kendrick and Hunter. Fleet Pete! More Trumbombs this year!!!!New wildcard format.ALEast BostonCentral DetroitWest Los AngelesWC Texas/Tampa BayThankfully, WC plays #1, regardless of divisionHalos won 86 games last year, and basically tanked the last 10 games.I look for them to win 96+ this year.
  11. I think it matters if a play is actually still going on in the field. If it is between pitches, or a play is dead, it should be allowed to tap a player to communicate with them.The rule you stated is that the contact has to assist a player, returning or leaving a base.
  12. Halladay?Edit: Looked it up after my guess. Not Halladay.
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